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1. What term describes guidance on behavior for clinicians and managers? A. Common morality B. Principles C. Code of ethics Correct D. Ethical theory 2 Which of the following ethical philosophies... or theories can be summarized in one simple statement: “one should do good and avoid evil”? A. Divine law B. Deontology C. Utilitarianism D. Natural law Correct 3 Of the following, which is not considered an “Army Value”? A. Personal autonomy Correct B. Honor C. Duty D. Respect 4 What term describes the approach that seeks to answer the question of “How should people act?” A. Normative ethics Correct B. Common morality C. Natural law D. Deontology/Kantianism 5 What term describes the study of standards of conduct and moral judgment? A. Ethics Correct B. Ethical theory C. Deontology/Kantianism D. Normative ethics 6 What ethical approach or concept purports that the moral rightness of a decision is based on whether it brings more good than other alternatives? A. Justice B. Utilitarianism Correct C. Causistry D. Beneficence 7 A small-town physician conducted a research study on his female patients without their awareness or formal consent. He took blood samples from all his patients and told them that it was simply routine blood work. (The blood samples were used as part of the experimental research.) Given this situation, what ethical principle was not taken into consideration? A. Justice B. Beneficence C. Nonmaleficence D. Respect for autonomy [Show More]

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