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NRCME DOT Examiner Test Practice Questions | with 100% Correct Answers

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According to FMCSA regulations, which of the following must the medical examiner evaluate when examining a driver's eyes? A. Pupil reactivity B. Iris symmetry C. Conjunctival injection D. Corneal... thickness - ✔✔Correct Response: A. Pupil reactivity Incorrect Responses: B. Iris symmetry This is incorrect because determining iris symmetry is not required by FMCSA. C. Conjunctival injection This is incorrect because most causes of conjunctival injection would not be disqualifying. Causes that are suspicious for a disqualifying condition need additional evaluation. While this abnormal finding should be explained, with determination of possible effects on safe driving before making a certification decision, it is not a condition that is specified in FMCSA regulations. D. Corneal thickness This is incorrect because it is not measured in an office examination except by an eye specialist. According to FMCSA regulations, medical qualification for two years can be given to a driver who has... ? A. An SPE certificate for a left below the knee amputation (BKA). B. Hypertension. C. A recent diagnosis of Lewy body dementia. D. Documented medical marijuana use for pain control. - ✔✔Correct Response: A. An SPE certificate for a left below the knee amputation.This is the correct response because in order to obtain the SPE certificate, the driver had to demonstrate the ability to perform all tasks for the commercial driver job description. [Show More]

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