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TEAS SCIENCE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ALL CORRECT Power house of cell Correct Answer: Mitochondria One common example of a prokaryotic cell? Correct Answer: Bacteria What has no defined nucleu... s and non membrane bound organelles? Correct Answer: Prokaryotic cells What cell part surrounds cell, delimiting the cell from the environment around it? Correct Answer: Cell Membrane What has negative charge? Correct Answer: Electrons Proteins are polymers of 20 molecules known as? Correct Answer: Amino acids What is an atom called if it has positive charge? Correct Answer: Cation What organelle in a cell that is found in plants and is site of photosynthesis? Correct Answer: Chloroplast What large biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids? Correct Answer: Proteins What cell created by meiosis? Correct Answer: Sperm cell What organelle has ability to hydrolyze fats, nucleic acids, proteins and sugar? Correct Answer: Lysosomes Protein synthesis in cell Correct Answer: Ribosomes Nucleus is composed of Correct Answer: Protons & neutrons Orbits that are located outermost part of atom Correct Answer: Electrons What must proteins be changed to before they can be absorbed by cells? Correct Answer: Amino acids Location which proteins and neutrons are found Correct Answer: Nucleus Type of cell lives in cytoskeleton Correct Answer: Eukaryotic Prokaryotic cell has gene located Correct Answer: In Nucleoid What is smallest particle of an element that retains all the chemical and physical properties of element? Correct Answer: Atom Atoms undergo chemical reaction by gain or losing _____? Correct Answer: Electrons Atoms with same # of _______ and electrons but different # of ________ are isotopes. Correct Answer: Protons; neutrons Outer layer of plant cell called Correct Answer: Cell wall Which organelle does a unit membrane NOT surround Correct Answer: Ribosomes What is found in the nucleus atom? Correct Answer: Protons and neutrons Protein synthesis process known as transcription happens where? Correct Answer: Nucleus Main info carrying molecule of cell Correct Answer: Nucleic acid Rough ER is the membranous system is covered with? Correct Answer: Ribosomes Molecules composed of amino acids joined by peptide bounds are? Correct Answer: Proteins Atom physical structure is composed of _____? Correct Answer: Nucleus and orbits What responsible for synthesis of lipids and hormones? Correct Answer: Smooth ER Organelle composed of Correct Answer: Molecules Cell is composed of Correct Answer: Organelles Cell sample of thin flat, and bulged around the nucleus Correct Answer: Squamous Prokaryotic _____ are slightly smaller than those present in Eukaryotic cell and found numbering in thousands, floating freely throughout the cytoplasm. Correct Answer: Ribosomes Tiny finger like extensions of plasma membrane that increase cell surface area Correct Answer: Microvilli What cell structure is responsible for storing glycogen for fell main energy source? Correct Answer: Glycosomes Centrosomes is an organelle that found in _____? Correct Answer: Animal and human Golgi bodies function Correct Answer: Store and release proteins Rough ER has ____ located on it Correct Answer: Ribosomes What is tiny projections in the small intestine that allow for increased absorption of nutrients? Correct Answer: Villi [Show More]

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