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Firefighting Principles and Practices; 2nd Edition Study Guide (219 Questions with COMPLETE SOLUTION)

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Firefighting Principles and Practices; 2nd Edition Study Guide (219 Questions with COMPLETE SOLUTION) Firefighting Principles and Practices; 2nd Edition Study Guide The three most important c... hemical elements particular to firefighting are - ✔✔Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen Common materials that burn all contain the chemical element of - ✔✔Carbon (Paper, wood, cloth, plastic, flammable liquids) When oxygen combines with a combustible material (fuel) and heat is introduced, the combination creates - ✔✔Combustion Combustible materials contain energy of - ✔✔Potential Heat energy always moves from - ✔✔Warm to cool/Hot to cold Heat energy is measured in - ✔✔BTU's The reaction of heat being absorbed is - ✔✔Endothermic Reaction The reaction of heat being released is - ✔✔Exothermic Reaction A measurement of the intensity of heat at a given moment and location is called - ✔✔Temperature A material that has its electrons reduced and becomes oxidized by an oxidizing agent (usually oxygen) is and aka - ✔✔Fuel aka Reducing agent Intermediate combustion products from flaming combustion are composed of free ions and or molecular fragments called - ✔✔Free Radicals Free Radicals fulfill the ______ side of the fire tetrahedron - ✔✔Chemical chain reaction A substance that speeds or retards combustion without joining in it is called - ✔✔Catalyst Plastics burn the way they do because they contain large amounts of - ✔✔Hydrogen and Carbon Petroleum products when burning produce thick black smoke because they contain - ✔✔High amount of carbon Water can only absorb ______ energy - ✔✔Thermal/Heat Preventing flashover in a specific location can be accomplished by - ✔✔Cooling the ceiling area Thick black smoke exiting through an opening followed by a sudden burst of flame is termed - ✔✔Vent Point Ignition Substances used to put out fire are called - ✔✔Extinguishing agents The two decisions to make regarding applying water are - ✔✔Flow (GPM) and Form (Fog, Straight, Broken) The minimum flow (GPM) needed to extinguish a fire is called - ✔✔Critical Flow Rate Theoretically, the amount of water needed to absorb the heat of 1lb of burning wood is - ✔✔1 Gallon (Half that in reality) Steams ability to extinguish is based on a limited to no amount of - ✔✔Ventilation Steam (produced at 212 degrees F) is invisible, so if a white water vapor is seen it means - ✔✔The temperature of the vapor has cooled below boiling and is now condensing The two most serious disadvantages of using a fog stream incorrectly are - ✔✔1) It can fan the fire 2) The low pressure area at the nozzle can attract heat and smoke Using a fog stream on a flammable liquid fire is - ✔✔Ineffective Water applied on a material containing sodium will - ✔✔React Violently Water applied to calcium chloride will generate - ✔✔Acetylene A simple rule of thumb of when it is dangerous to apply water on a substance is - ✔✔If the substances first name ends in "um" and the second name ends in "ide" (Calcium Carbide) From the fire tetrahedron, water extinguishes by removal of - ✔✔Heat (cools the source below emitting vapors) Protein foam is unsuitable for use on liquids that are - ✔✔Polar Solvent The GPM of a nozzle used for foam must be matched with the GPM of - ✔✔Eductor A type of foam for structural fires or other confined areas used to completely engulf the fire, applied with the use of a fan or similar is - ✔✔High Expansion Foam A remedy to prevent "Block Pressure" when using high expansion foam is to - ✔✔Cut a small hole above the area where the foam is applied [Show More]

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