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NUR 2063 Final Exam 2 Essentials of Pathophysiology

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NUR 2063 Essentials of Pathophysiology Final Exam 2 1. If a patient reports SOB, which term below describes this feeling? a. sign b. symptom c. contraindication d. objective data Answer:... symptom 2. thyroid gland is located where? a. head b. throat c. chest d. neck Answer: neck 3. true or false. If a patient has a k=1.2 the most important nursing interventions would be calling the MD immediately. Answer: false 4. what is the treatment for hypothyroidism? a. dopamine replacements b. oral insulin medication c. glucose sq d. oral thyroid replacements Answer: oral thyroid replacements 5. A 22 year old male comes to ER with RLQ pain with N&V and diarrhea. The RN know: a. the patient has liver issues b. the patient has appendicitis c. the patient has kidney issues d. the patient has colon cancer Answer: the patient has appendicitis 6. which condition below causes intolerance to heat, diarrhea, and bulging eyes? a. hypothyroidism b. MG c. hyperthyroidism d. parkinsons disease Answer: hyperthyroidism 7. A young honeymooner comes to the clinic with burning with urination & mild fever. The RN knows. a. the patient is incontinent b. the patient has pyelonephritis c. the patient has bladder stones d. the patient has cystits Answer: the patient has cystitis 8. true or false. Air trapping in the alveoli causes a barreled chest. Answer: true 9. calcium imbalances are due to an abnormal functioning of: a. parathyroid glands b. thymus gland c. renal system d. muscle system Answer: parathyroid glands 10. DI causes the patient to grave: a. gravey b. salt c. food d. water Answer: water 11. Select all that apply. Left sided HF is presented as: a. vein distention b. coughing up frothy sputum c. crackles for lung sounds d. SOB Answer: coughing up frothy sputum, crackles for lung sounds, SOB 12. Addisons disease is caused by malfunctioning: a. adrenal glands b. thalamus c. pituitary gland d. thymus Answer: adrenal glands 13. true or false. Severe hypoxemia is present in CHF. Answer: false 14. select all that apply. Cushing’s patients have: a. hypoglycemia b. thin legs & arms c. a big abdomen d. moon face Answer: thin legs & arms, big abdomen, moon face 15. select all that apply: complications of shock include: a. multiple organ dysfunction b. acute renal failure c. CVA d. DIC Answer: organ dysfunction, renal failure, DIC [Show More]

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