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NUR 256 Mental Health Final Exam (4) Questions and Answers 2022 - Galen College Of Nursing

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1. The nurse is providing support to the family of a recently deceased client. A family member states, “My father took me fishing all the time. He can’t physically take me anymore, but he will be ... watching over me. I really miss him, “The nurse recognizes the family member is experiencing A. Mourning B. Anticipatory grief C. Disenfreanchised grief D. Bereavement 2. The nurse educator is providing an in—service to nursing staff on a unit that has recently experienced and increase in client deaths. The nurse educator knows that a priority recommendation for nurses who are struggling to cope with all the loss is A. Creating sustainable practice of self-care and balance B. Working additional shifts to provide support for each other C. Volunteering on days off to stay busy and make a positive difference D. Temporarily transferring to another unit with fewer terminal diagnosis 3. The nurse is caring for a client whose spouse of 52 years suddenly died. Which of the following statements by the nurse is most therapeutic. A. “Your loved on is no longer in pain: you should be happy for that.” B. “You can be grateful for the time you had together” C. “Your loved one was very special and will not be replaceable” D. “I know how you feel: I have had many family members pass away” 4. The nurse is caring for a client who is dying and in severe pain. Which of the following interventions should the nurse consider as the priority? A. Teach the client the end stages of grief. B. Enhance the client’s quality of life. C. Encourage the client to speak to a grief counselor. D. Support the clients family in grieving. 5. The nurse is caring for a terminally ill client. Which of the following statements by the nurse best demonstrates the art of presence? A. “Would you like to talk about what this experience is like for you?” B. “I am going to sit here and read a book, just pretend I am not here.” C. “I am going to the other room so you can be alone and reflect on your life; please call out if you need me.” D. “Are you feeling guilty about leaving your wife and kids behind?” [Show More]

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