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NUR2755 / NUR 2755 Final Exam (Latest2021 / 2022): Multidimensional Care IV /MDC 4 - Rasmussen

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NUR 2755 Multidimensional Care IV MDC4 Final Exam Why teach patient to deep breath and cough after surgery - prevent pneumonia Normal drainage for surgical site? - Clear (serous) or pale/red/wate... ry (serosanguineous) Worrisome sign of post op patient?? - Restlessness Clearly if patient is presenting to ER with heat exhaustion, what is the priority action of the nurse? - IV Fluids Action is patient has bee sting. . if available? - Epi Community disaster preparedness, what would be an organization to help? - *Medical Reserve Corporation* FEMA Red Cross - The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material Downloaded by: helena_zavala | [email protected] Distribution of this document is illegal - The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material DMAT?? - Disaster Medical Assistance Team Federal employees License is good in ALL 50 states How many days of medical supplies should you have if needed for a disaster, just making a disaster plan? - 3 days Cimetidine for burn patients?? Why?? - Help with gastric ulcers Triage tags. . . what would we put on them to help?? - Name Age Injury (Anything to help identify) Any treatments we did Who we can contact/who has been contacted. Triage colors Gave double dose of medication, what to do first? - Assess patient What to do when patient comes back from surgery, and they're declining (rapid, shallow respirations, elevated heart rate, blood pressure dropping), what do you do?? - Call rapid response team Allergy exposure situation - more exposure to allergen the more risk to developing a reaction Downloaded by: helena_zavala | [email protected] Distribution of this document is illegal - The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material Patient in lithotomy position for surgery, where would their experience post op discomfort?? - Shoulders Why do we have drainage tubes/what's the purpose?? - To help prevent infection Why do we give a patient with multiple sclerosis Baclofen?? - To treat muscle spasms Patient with Parkinson's, when should you schedule their most demanding activities??? - When the drug therapy/medication peaks for them. Somebody that has a thrombotic stroke, what is important assessment item, especially in the first 24 hours?? - Pupil response to light/size Someone had an ischemic stroke and getting thrombolytic treatment, what are we trying to control in the first 24 hours?? - Blood pressure How to determine if patient can have tPA after stroke AFTER CT?? - Onset of symptoms within 3 hours. Long term Phenytoin therapy (seizures), what do we expect to see/a side effect, but we wouldn't stop the medication? (Expected side effect) - Excessive gum tissue growth *DO NOT STOP MEDICATION SUDDEN [Show More]

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