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171 Biochemistry Exam 1 Questions with correct answers 2022/2023

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171 Biochemistry Exam 1 Questions with correct answers 2022/2023 Myoglobin >>What protein is used for storage? Myoglobin Hemoglobin Collagen Transferrin It's a covalent interaction >>What is NO... T TRUE of antibodies with respect to protection? It is a covalent interaction It's a noncovalent interaction; hydrogen bonding Aspartic acid pKa=3.9 >>What is the amino acid that would dissociate a proton and make it ionizable in physiological pH? Aspartic acid pKa= 3.9 Histidine pKa= 6 Lysine Planar >>What is the configuration of a peptide bond? Peptide bonds need to be intact >>What do you have to have to make a protein denaturation reversible? Peptide bond needs to be intact Hydrogen bonds Disulfide Bonds Quaternary structure KEY WORD: SUBUNITS >>What is the spatial arrangement of amino acids and functional subunits? Tertiary structure Primary structure Secondary structure Quaternary structure Primary structure >>Which structure is predominantly responsible for a protein's 3D structure of amino acids and provides protein with function? Primary structure Secondary structure Tertiary structure Quaternary structure Insulation >>What is NOT considered one of the characteristics of amino acids? SupportProtection Insulation High binding affinity Deprotonated, Protonated >>In the amino acid structure, the carboxylic group is ___ and the amino group is ___. Protonated, Deprotonated Deprotonated, Protonated As pH decreases, the charge will become negative >>What is NOT TRUE of the pH and charge complementarity? Changes in charge affects protein function. As pH decreases, the charge will become negative As pH decreases, the charge will become more positive As pH increases, the charge will become more negative. Hydrophobic >>The interior of the protein is? None of these Hydrophobic Polar Glutamic acid >>What is the amino acid at the N-terminus, EGAK? Lysine Glutamic Acid Disulfide bonds >>What covalent interaction is the primary structure of proteins stabilized by? Hydrogen Bonding Ionic interactions Van der Waals Disulfide Bonds Phenylalanine, Tyrosine >>What 2 amino acids are considered aromatic? Hemoglobin >>What contains a quaternary protein structure? -1/km >>The x axis of a Lineweaver Burk plot is? • -1/km • Km • Vmax • The effect is facilitated by more oxygen binding >>The positive cooperativity of oxygen and hemoglobin is best described as • The effect is facilitated by more oxygen binding • Oxygen has no effect • Oxygen affinity decreases [Show More]

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