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NR566 Advanced Pharmacology for Care of the Family. Final Exam study guide

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NR566 Final Exam study guide (Advanced Pharmacology for Care of the Family) 1. Patch + gel can be applied to intact nonscrotal skin once daily not for use in woman men cannot have skin contact... with pregnant woman or children Men need to wash hands after application + allow skin to dry THE ANSWER Transdermal application of testosterone 2. X Teratogenicity high rate THE ANSWER Estrogens are Pregnancy Category 3. stimulating growth in boys with delayed puberty aging men to increase strength + muscle mass THE ANSWER Refer to endocrinologist 4. Luteinizing hormone - releasing agonist create reversible: -orchiectomy state -oophorectomy state Used to tx: - advanced prostatic cancer - Management of endometriosis - Uterine fibroids - polycystic ovarian disease - central precocious puberty in peds THE ANSWER Leuprolide Acetate (Lupron) 5. -Maturation of reproductive organs -Development of secondary sexual characteristics -Regulation of the menstrual cycle -Endometrial regenerations postmenstration - Closure of long bones after puberty growth spurt -Maintenance of bone density by decreasing rate of bone absorption - Maintenance of normal structure of skin and blood vessels - Reduction of bowel motility -Alters production + activity of selected proteins -Enhances the coagulability of blood (produces fibrinogen) - Facilitates loss of intravascular fluid into extracellular space (RAA cycle) -Maintains the stability of thermoregulatory center in the brain. THE ANSWER Effects of Estrogen on the reproductive Cycle 6. pt education of side effects given an initiation of therapy and at each refill. Pilots cannot use sildenafil or varedenafil 6 hrs prior to flying Tadalafil not approved for pilots or any worker that require color recognition periodic medication & health evaluations encouraged THE ANSWER Pt education ED 7. perimenopausal postmenopausal contraceptive alone & in combo with estrogen THE ANSWER Clinical Use of Progestins 8. Originally used as vasodilator for use in angina Effective in pulmonary HTN as well high-altitude pulmonary edema Branded under different names (Revato, Staxyn & Adcirca) Produces smooth muscle relaxation in the penis = erection. No drug effect w/out sexual stimulation Also relaxes smooth muscle in bladder = benign prostatic enlargement if used daily THE ANSWER Use of ED meds 9. Testosterone most important adrogen in humans levels remain stable at 55yr 70 yrs men decrease in -strength, libido, muscle mass THE ANSWER Androgen 10. Progesterone is category D Norethindrone acetate is X Progesterone gel is used to support embryo implantation & maintain pregnancies. Lactation may be enhanced by Medroxyprogesterone, dont know what effects are on infants THE ANSWER Pregnancy and progestins 11. Finasteride (Propecia) Leuprolide (Eligard, Lupron, Lupron Depot) Spironolactone (Aldactone) THE ANSWER Anti-Androgens [Show More]

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