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1.) What are three types of hazards that make food unsafe ? - ANSWER D.) chemical , physical , and biological 2.) cross-contamination occurs when .......? - ANSWER c.) pathogens transfer from one s... urface or food to another 3.) What is time-temprature abuse? - ANSWER a.) allowing food to stay at temperatures good for the growth of pathogens 4.) a food handler accidently sprays a cleaner into the fryer oil and continues to use the fryer. which type of hazard is this ? - ANSWER b.) chemical 5.) a food handler transfers pathogens from hands to food. how could it have been prevented ? - ANSWER b.) praticeing good personal hygiene 6.) after cutting up melons, a food handler puts them in the cooler. What is this an example of? - ANSWER b.) controlling time and temperature 7.) a food handler uses the same cutting board to prepare raw meat and then immediately to chop produce. This is an example of.....? - ANSWER c.) cross-contamination 8.) What is the correct order for hand washing? - ANSWER c.) What hands and arms, apply soap, scrub hands and arms, rinse hands and arms, and dry 9.) hands should be scrubbed with soap for how many seconds during hand washing? - ANSWER d.) 10-15 10.) a food handler has just finished busting a table. What must the food handler do before handling food? - ANSWER a.) wash hands 11.) when should hand aniceptics be used ? - ANSWER a.) after hand washing 12.) hand washing sinks should be used for....? - ANSWER a.) hand washing only 13.) a food handler has just finished preparing raw meat and is about to start a new task. What does the food handler need to do with his or her gloves ? - ANSWER d.) change them 14.) a food handler has an infected wound on the finger. What must be placed over the wound ? - ANSWER d.) a finger cot 15.) What jewelry can food handlers wear while working - ANSWER c.) medical ID braclet D.) plain band ring 16.) to keep food safe, a hair restraint must be worn when ? - ANSWER c.) preparing food 17.) which symptoms must be reported to a manager? - ANSWER c.) diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice, sore throat, with fever 18.) pathogens grow well between which temperatures? - ANSWER c.) 41°f and 135°f ( 5°c and 57°c) 19.) which food item needs time and temperature control to keep it safe? - ANSWER b.) cooked rice 20.) where should a food handler check the temperature of food? - ANSWER d.) in the thickest part 21.) cooked poultry must reach what minimum internal temperature for at least 15 seconds? - ANSWER d.) 165°F (74°c) 22.) at what minimum temperature must hot TCS food be held? - ANSWER d.) 135°F (57°c) 23.) ready-to-eat TCS food that will be held for longer than 24 hours must be labeled with the date the food ... - ANSWER c.) will be prepared 24.) What is the correct temperature for receiving cold TCS food? - ANSWER 41° F (7°c) or lower 25.) What is one of the correct ways to thaw TCS food ? - ANSWER b.) as part of the cooking process 26.) food containing an allergen comes in contact with another food item and their proteins mix . This is called ....? - ANSWER a.) cross contamination 27.) to prevent cross contamination when prepping raw meat and ready-to-eat food, a food handler should.....? - ANSWER b.) clean and sanitize the work surfaces between each product 28.) the correct way to scoop ice for a customer's beverage is to use - ANSWER d.) ice scoops 29.) where should wiping cloths be stored when not in use ? - ANSWER b.) in sanitizer solution 30.) juice from raw ground beef has dripped onto a pan of wrapped whole strawberries. What should the food handler do? - ANSWER c.) remove the dirty wrap, rinse the strawberries and the pan , replace the wrap, and return it to storage 31.) where should cleaning supplies and chemicals be stored? - ANSWER c.) in a designated storage area 32.) What are three of the big eight food allergens? - ANSWER a.) eggs, wheat, fish 33.) a customer with a milk allergy is served a slice of pie with ice cream. What should the server do ? - ANSWER b.) prep a new dessert by placing a different slice of pie on a clean and sanitized plate, and then serve it 34.) surfaces that touch food must be ...? - ANSWER b.) cleaned and sanitized 35.) What is the first step when cleaning and sanitizing correctly? - ANSWER b.) remove food from the service 36.) What is it important to leave a sanitizer on a surface for the correct amount of time ? - ANSWER d.) to kill all pathogens that may have been on the surface 37.) What should a dish washer do to make sure a sanitizer is effective ? - ANSWER d.) use a test kit to check the sanitizer`s strength 38.) pests can cause while two types of contamination? - ANSWER c.) psycial and biological 39.) What must the third compartment In a three-compartment sink be filled with? - ANSWER c.) water and sanitizer 40.) after how many hours of constant use must a food-contact surface be cleaned and sanitized? - ANSWER d.) 4 [Show More]

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