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Hw#3 . Florida International University EEL 4709C ( Questions with complete solution)

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Hw#3 . Florida International University EEL 4709C ( Questions with complete solution)Answer each of the following questions. Make sure to include time and date code (see Illustration 2 arrows) in you... r programs so it can be seen when reviewed. 1. 'Which operator do you use to read into a variable? std::cout lets the user read the value of a variable. 2. If you want the user to input an integer value into your program for a variable named number, what arc two lines of code you could write to ask the user to do it and to input the value into your program? std::cout << “Enter number” << std::endl; std::cin >> number; 3. What terminates input into an integer? 4. What terminates input into a string? A non-integer non-space value A blank space value 5. What is an object? 6. What is a variable? An instance of a class that can store values. A variable is a memory location. It’s used to store data, which can be modified in runtime. 7. What is an initialization and how does it differ from an assignment?With variables, for example, initialization creates the variable and assignment gives a value to this variable. 8. Write a console program in C++ that converts from miles to kilometers. Your program should have a reasonable prompt for the user to enter a number of miles and print result. Illustration 2 You have to find the conversion factor. Include a listing of the code and a screen shot of the console with the program results. Code: #include <iostream> #include <ctime> //print current date and time void CurrentTime(){ time_t t = time(NULL); std::cout << "Today is: " << ctime(&t) < [Show More]

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