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BIOS 255 Week 4 Assignment: Lymphatic System (GRADED A)

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BIOS255 Week 4 Lymphatic System Learning Objectives: 1. State the components and functions of the lymphatic system 2. Trace lymphatic drainage through the major vessels of the lymphatic system. 3. ... Identify the mechanisms that cause movement of lymph through the lymph vessels. Introduction: The lymphatic system consists of lymphatic fluid, lymphatic vessels, lymphatic tissue, and lymphatic organs located throughout the tissues of the body. It functions to drain excess interstitial fluid from the tissues, to initiate an immune response against disease by producing and transporting lymphocytes, and to transport dietary lipids absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract into the blood. Let’s explore this system that can be found in so many different places and perform multiple roles! Assignment Part 1 Complete the activities on Anatomy.TV for the Lymphatic System: Introduction, Vessels and Circulation, Organs and Tissues. To access Anatomy.TV: Resources tab>Library>Library Resources-Database A- Z>Anatomy.TV>Titles(default tab): Choose assigned system>choose assigned sections You will then work through the material and activities by scrolling down on the right. This will allow you to see and work through all activities for that section. Part 2: Complete the lab report. Lymphatic System Lab Report 1. Purpose: Please state the purpose of the lab. • The purpose of this lab is to better understand the lymphatic system. 2. Procedure: Briefly discuss the procedure for this lab. • The procedure for this lab was to read and answer the quiz questions under the following sections; Introduction, Vessels and Circulation and Organ and Tissues. 1. Data and Details: a. List the 4 components of the lymphatic system described in the introduction. • The 4 components of the lymphatic system is lymph, lymphatic vessels, lymphatic tissues and lymphatic organs. b. List 2 primary organs of the lymphatic system • 2 primary organs of the lymphatic system is Bone marrow and Thymus gland. c. List 3 secondary organs of the lymphatic system • 3 secondary organs of the lymphatic system is Diffuse lymphatic tissue, Spleen and Lymph nodes. d. List the 3 tonsils and their locations • Palatine tonsils – posterior region of the oral cavity • Pharyngeal tonsils - posterior wall of the nasopharynx. • Lingual tonsils - posterior surface of the tongue. 4. Questions: a. Describe 2 ways in which the intestines play a role in the lymphatic system. • regulates tissue fluid homeostasis and promotes immune surveillance b. Describe the structure and function of the thoracic duct. • The structure of the thoracic duct is about 38-45 cm long and forms the largest confluence of lymphatic vessels in the body • The function of the thoracic duct is to transport lymph back into the circulatory system. c. What are the 2 mechanisms that allow movement of lymph through the lymph vessels? • contraction of lymphatic vessels, contraction of skeletal muscles, d. If someone has their spleen removed surgically what could be the clinical consequence? • Bleeding or blood clots 5. Discussion: a. Describe how the skeletal, digestive, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems work together. • Move blood throughout the body b. Briefly mention any difficulties with the lab and/or information you wish was present in the lab. • N/A 6. Reflection: (10 points) Reflect on at least 2 key concepts you have learned from this lab. • Two concepts I have learned from this lab are the 3 tonsils and their functions as well as primary organs associated with lymphatic system. Grading Rubric for Lab Report Activity Deliverable Point s Part 1 Complete lab activities/simulation 10 Part 2 Complete lab report and answer questions • Purpose (2 points) • Procedure (2 points) • Data and Details (5 points) • Questions (4 points) • Discussion (2 points) • Reflection (5 points) 20 Total Complete all lab activities 30 [Show More]

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