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HESI V2 A&P, Vocabulary, Grammar and Reading

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1. My father and I looked at her. 2. I am looking forward to Having my birthday party next week. 3. Coffee experts feel that the Best coffee blend is a dark blend. 4. The nurse made a error with th... e medication, so the doctor made notesabout it in the patients file. A 5. Finishing Quickly isn’t as important as answering correctly. 6. Which sentence is grammatically correct? A lot of people enjoy baseball movies. 7. Which sentence is grammatically incorrect? She lit scented candles so the air will smell sweetly. 8. Which sentence is grammatically correct?It is too heavy for me to lift. 9. Which word is not used correctly in the sentence? They’re going to the mall to pick up there uniforms for their coach. There 10. After throwing their sleeping bags into the backseat of their car, they 1. Drove more than 400 miles to reach their destination. 11. Place the four words in alphabetical order.Assemble, assembled, assembling, assembly 12. The shopper was angry when he realized he other store. Could have gotten 13. Which sentence is not grammatically correct? it cheaper at the The nurse decided to bathe the client, than trim his nails. 14. What is a salutation in this address?Mr. 15. I Laid the package on the table. 16. Which sentence uses fast as an adverb?The cars on the overpass moved fast. 17. Most children must learn for Themselves the importance of good manners. 18. Be careful not to table. Break the bottle while you carry it to the 19. She went to the party In spite of her dislike for the host. 20. Which word is not grammatically correctly? During the time he lived in New York, he worked as a writer, aneditor, and a library. Library 21. A sentence must always begin with a capital letter, but manypeople forget this rule. Capital 22. Which sentence is grammatically correct?He felt bad about the broken window. 23. During the fight, I was hit on the .Head 24. Which sentence is grammatically correct? The bottle of tablets has an expired expiration date. 25. My sister gave the chocolate bar to my friend and .Me [Show More]

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