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NUR 2063 Pathophysiology Rasmussen College Final Exam 2023/2024 Study Guide Complete

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Explain primary prevention - Correct Answer Preventing"; altering susceptibility or reducing exposure of disease for people Explain secondary prevention - Correct Answer "Screening"; early detectio... n, screening, and management of disease to catch disease early before it spreads Explain tertiary prevention - Correct Answer "Treating" and preventing further complications from a disorder or disease after the person has the condition What are examples of primary prevention? - Correct Answer Vaccinations and Handwashing What are examples of secondary prevention? - Correct Answer PAP smears for STDs, lab work for HBA1C check, mammogram What are examples of tertiary prevention? - Correct Answer Rehab for hip surgery, relearning ADL's after amputation, Wound care after stroke to prevent pressure ulcer What happens to the body during the sympathetic phase of the flight or fight response? - Correct Answer Pupils dilate, salivation inhibited, increase in HR, bronchodilation of airway, increased respirations, glucose release, inhibit GI/GU. What happens to the body during the parasympathetic phase of the flight or light response? - Correct Answer Rest and Digest. Pupils constrict, salivation occurs, decreased HR, bronchoconstriction,decreased respiration, GI/GU systems resume action Explain the role of the nucleus - Correct Answer control center of the cell, where DNA and genes are stored, produces mRNA to help build body proteins Explain the role of the mitochondria - Correct Answer Powerhouse of the cell. Provides energy in ATP, and has its own set of DNA Explain the role of the ribosome - Correct Answer produces RNA to produce proteins through transcriptions of DNA and translation of RNA into a protein Explain the role of the lysosomes - Correct Answer helps breakdown and digest dead cells, organelles, or tissues [Show More]

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