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RMA Exam 3 2023 Questions with Complete Solutions| Graded A+

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RMA Exam 3 2023 Questions with Complete Solutions| Graded A+ Carbohydrate is stored in the liver as [Ans:- glycogen [Glycogen is a polysaccharide that is the major carbohydrate stored in animal c... ells. It is formed of repeating units of glucose and is stored chiefly in the liver] Which of the following is a test used for diabetes mellitus? [Ans:- HgBA1c [The HgBA1c test, also known as the Hemoglobin A1c test, is used to monitor the health of patients with diabetes] Placing area rugs in the reception area of a medical office is an example of [Ans:- a safety hazard [Area rugs may be tripping hazards because of turned-up corners and the potential of patients to slip when walking on them] Apical pulses can be auscultated in the [Ans:- anterior thorax region [The heart is located in the anterior thorax region. The pulse of infants can generally be measured by auscultating this region] The suffix -penia means [Ans:- abnormal reduction [as in the word "leukopenia" - abnormally low WBCs] The abbreviation meaning "after meals" is [Ans:- pc [from the Latin phrase post cibum] The early detection and treatment of a patient with Shigellosis prevents the spread of infectious disease by interrupting the chain of transmission at which of the following levels? [Ans:- Reservoir host [Show More]

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