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NR506NP Week 3 / NR506NP Chapter 3Paper_ Quality Healthcare: Measuring Nurse Practitioner Performance

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As healthcare continues to evolve so does the need for patients to have access to the healthcare that they need and feel confident in the care they are receiving. There are organizations that was fo... rmed to make sure that this was being done appropriately such as The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) this organization was formed to make sure that patients are receiving the care the deserve and they also measure the patients outcomes and then off of this they set standards of care, within my paper I will discuss HEDIS and what this does such as it’s a measurement of the performance that healthcare providers give to the patient and it is used by millions of health insurance companies (NCQA, 2019). HEDIS stands for Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set. Also, within my paper I will discuss three patient interventions and how as I transition into the new role of a nurse practitioner would be able to measure my outcomes of care that was delivered. I will also go over how this will improve the patient outcomes and the ways for cost saving within our practice. The conclusion of this paper will discuss patient interventions HEDIS has six different domains where healthcare is measured. The three interventions that I have decided on is Effectiveness of Care and Cardiovascular Conditions (NCQA, 2019). The interventions within these domains is prevention and screenings, which include the adult BMI Assessment and Weight Assessment and what counseling and how nutrition and increasing physical activity (NCQA, 2019). My final intervention will be listed under Cardiovascular conditions which is HTN or high blood pressure and ways to control and prevent. Patient Interventions Patients BMI is a consistent issue that begins when a patient is born we start with birth weight and measuring how the babies grow with both weight and height and how they are going on a percentile, as they continue to grow we then discuss the food that they are eating and making sure that we are increasing their physical activity. I feel that we are now starting to do with more as it has been https://www.coursehero.com/file/73376568/NR506NP-Week-3-Qualitydocx/ This study resource was shared via CourseHero.com 3 proven help control other health concerns that are related to higher BMI’s such as Diabetes and HTN. As my future role as a nurse practitioner its very important for me to make sure that the patient is able to understand what a health BMI is for them and ways that they are able to manage this. If their BMI’s is not within the normal ranges, then offering them the tools that they need to increase their physical activity and healthier food options. As a healthcare provider I need to make sure that with every healthy visit or physical that I address the patients BMI and make sure that its charted. According to research obesity is still one of the leading causes of death within the United States (NCQQ, 2020). So, what Is the BMI and what is it used for? Well BMI stands for body mass index which means it measures the fat that is within the body. The higher BMI then the higher level of obesity from overweight to morbid obese. According to the CDC the higher the BMI then the patient is at higher risk for certain health related problems (CDC, 2015). This is measured yearly and according to the NCQA the rate at which this was measured in 2018 for HMO insurance companied was 82.5%, Medicaid HMO was at 86.6% and Medicare was at 96.3%. What do these numbers mean? Well as they continue to increase yearly this means that we are assessing their weights and patients are taking it as serious as the healthcare providers. The numbers prove this as in 2009 for HMO commercial was 41.3% and Medicaid was 34.6% and Medicare was 24.1%. In the eight years these numbers have almost doubled. The way that these number are continued to be assessed is by the patient coming in for yearly well visits or physicals at which time their BMI is addressed as well as any healthcare concerns such as diet or high blood pressure or diabetes. At every visit it is up to us as healthcare providers to assess all medications and their effectiveness such as if the patient is on HTN medication then we need to be assessing the blood pressure at every visit, or if they are a diabetic then we need to make sure that we are obtaining HBGA1C. Next but not least is patient education providing the patient with evidence-based practice that is up to date on healthy eating and ways to increase their physical activity and ways to approach these changes in their everyday lives. https://www.coursehero.com/file/73376568/NR506NP-Week-3-Qualitydocx/ This study resource was shared via CourseHero.com 4 Improved Patient Outcomes These outcomes will improve by allowing the patient to be confident in the care that I am providing them by offering them different resources to their health care concerns and solutions. This makes the patient more confident in the care that they are receiving, and this allows them to trust their healthcare provider more. Cost Savings Cost saving is a continuous thing in health care how are we able to provide the same great health care to our patient and yet save on the cost. This can be done with the primary team doing interventions such as stressing the importance of eating healthy and exercising, different ways in which they can control their diabetes and HTN. Education reduces the cost and increases savings as they start to comply with a health care regimen that we developed. This can also reduce the cost in emergency care as they are more confident within the care that is provided to them and are more likely to seek advise from their primary care. This then reduces the cost in laboratories. We want our patient to continue to come to us for their health care concerns. Patient Ratings I feel that patient ratings are just as important as hospital ratings. Patients from time to time receive health care surveys and are asked to fill them out and return them. We want our patient to be satisfied with the care that they received and this can be accomplished by actively listening to our patients and families, then developing a treatment plan that is right for the patient and making sure that they understand what is being asked of them, that way they are able to comply with it. Hopefully with will continue to provide us with a positive rating. Weight is always a sensitive topic but having the right approach and explaining why its so important and evidence-based practice along with it. As we are a world of technology many patients look for reviews of facilities and healthcare professionals before https://www.coursehero.com/file/73376568/NR506NP-Week-3-Qualitydocx/ This study resource was shared via CourseHero.com 5 making their appointments with them. According to research 41% of people will do this research online about the healthcare provider before seeing this provider (Reviewtrackers, 2019). Also, according to the same research, it only takes one to six actual reviews for them to form an opinion about the healthcare provider or facility (Reviewtrackers, 2019). It is always important to provide the patient and the family with compassion when discussing topics that may be difficult to speak on such as weight. While doing this we can make the patient feel comfortable with asking questions and allowing them to have follow up appointments and weight or BP check ins. Conclusion As discussed, in this paper I have explained the three interventions on how we are able to measure our outcomes and how these primary care interventions are able to save cost as well as improve the patients outcomes. I also included how these interventions can improve the patient ratings. While providing all this to our patients I hope that we are able to keep patient rating above satisfactory as well as continuing to help reduce cost for healthcare and also the facilities that we are employed by. 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