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TEST BANK for Introduction to Critical Care Nursing 7th Edition by Sole. All Chapters 1 to 21.

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Chapter 01: Overview of Critical Care Nursing Chapter 02: Patient and Family Response to the Critical Care Experience Chapter 03: Ethical and Legal Issues in Critical Care Nursing Chapter 04: End-... of-Life Care and Palliative Care in Critical Care Settings Chapter 05: Comfort and Sedation Chapter 06: Nutritional Support Chapter 07: Dysrhythmia Interpretation and Management Chapter 08: Hemodynamic Monitoring Chapter 09: Ventilatory Assistance Chapter 10: Rapid Response Teams and Code Management Chapter 11: Organ Donation Chapter 12: Shock, Sepsis, and Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome Chapter 13: Cardiovascular Alterations Chapter 14: Nervous System Alterations Chapter 15: Acute Respiratory Failure Chapter 16: Acute Kidney Injury Chapter 17: Hematological and Immune Disorders Chapter 18: Gastrointestinal Alterations Chapter 19: Endocrine Alterations Chapter 20: Trauma and Surgical Management Chapter 21: Burns. [Show More]

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