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TEST BANK for Understanding Human Sexuality 14th Edition by Janet Hyde & John DeLamater. (Complete Chapters 1-20).

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Chapter 1: Sexuality in Perspective 2. Chapter 2: Theoretical Perspectives on Sexuality 3. Chapter 3: Sex Research 4. Chapter 4: Sexual Anatomy 5. Chapter 5: Sex Hormones, Se... xual Differentiation, and the Menstrual Cycle 6. Chapter 6: Pregnancy and Childbirth 7. Chapter 7: Contraception and Abortion 8. Chapter 8: Sexual Arousal 9. Chapter 9: Sexuality and the Life Cycle: Childhood and Adolescence 10. Chapter 10: Sexuality and the Life Cycle: Adulthood 11. Chapter 11: Attraction, Love, and Communication 12. Chapter 12: Gender and Sexuality 13. Chapter 13: Sexual Orientation: Gay, Straight, or Bi? 14. Chapter 14: Variations in Sexual Behavior 15. Chapter 15: Sexual Coercion 16. Chapter 16: Sex for Sale 17. Chapter 17: Sexual Disorders and Sex Therapy 18. Chapter 18: Sexually Transmitted Infections 19. Chapter 19: Ethics, Religion, and Sexuality 20. Chapter 20: Sex and the Law [Show More]

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