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The Law of Healthcare Administration 9th Edition by Stuart Showalter TEST BANK (All 15 Chapters)

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TEST BANK for The Law of Healthcare Administration 9th Edition by Stuart Showalter. ISBN 9781640551312. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 A Brief History of Law and Medicine Chapter 2 Access to Healthcare... : Rights and Responsibilities Chapter 3 The Organization and Management of a Corporate Healthcare Institution Chapter 4 Human Resource Law Chapter 5 Contracts and Intentional Torts Chapter 6 Negligence Chapter 7 Liability of The Healthcare Institution Chapter 8 Medical Staff Privileges and Peer Review Chapter 9 Health Information Management Chapter 10 Emergency Care Chapter 11 Consent for Treatment and Withholding Consent Chapter 12 Taxation of Healthcare Institutions Chapter 13 Competition and Antitrust Law Chapter 14 Issues of Reproduction and Birth Chapter 15 Fraud Laws and Corporate Compliance [Show More]

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