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ACCOUNTING 2021QBO - Recertification Comprehensive Questions and Answers Grade A+

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Q. Your client has called because they are unable to find the + New button in their QuickBooks. What could be a reason for the missing icon?  The + New button no longer exists in the new interface...  The + New button has been replaced with the + Create button  The client has selected the collapsible left navigation (hamburger) icon  The client has turned off the + New button option in Account and Settings Q2. Which 3 pieces of information regarding QuickBooks products can be found on the QuickBooks Status page (  Current and past service outage information  Pricing and subscription information  Information regarding scheduled maintenance  A link to subscribe to status updates  Certification level of the currently logged in ProAdvisor Q3. Which 2 conditions must be met in order to use receipt forwarding in QuickBooks Online?  Receipt Capture must be enabled in the Account and Settings.  Receipts must be forwarded to [email protected] from a registered email address.  At least one user must be registered for receipt forwarding.  You must have the QuickBooks Mobile app installed on your mobile device. [Show More]

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