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NR 509 / NR509 Advanced Physical Assessment Midterm Exam | Questions & Answers | Latest Rated A Quiz Bank | Chamberlain College 1. The FNP is teaching a class on osteoporosis prevention to a grou... p of postmenopausal women which of these actions is the best way to prevent or delay bone loss in this group? - Taking calcium and vitamin D supplements 2. In obtaining a history on a 74 year old patient the FNP notes that he drinks alcohol daily and that he has noticed a tremor in his hands that affects his ability to hold thing. With this information what should the FNP's response be? - Does the tremor change when you drink the alcohol? 3. During a history of a 78-year-old man his wife states that "he occasionally has problems with short-term memory loss and confusion. He can't even remember how to button his shirt". In doing the assessment of his sensory system which action of the FNP's is most appropriate? - Before testing, the FNP would assess the patient's mental status and ability to follow directions at this time 4. While obtaining a history of a 3 month old infant from the mother the FNP asks about the infants ability to suck and grass the mothers finger. What is the FNP assessing? - Reflexes 5. The FNP is doing an assessment on a 29-year-old woman who visits the clinic complaining of always dropping things and falling down. While testing rapid alternating movements the FNP notices that the woman is unable to pat both her knees. Her response is very slow and she misses frequently. What should the FNP suspect? - Dysfunction of the cerebellum 6. A mother brings her two month old daughter in for an examination says "my daughter rolled over against the wall and now I have noticed that she has the spot soft on the top of her head, is there something terribly wrong?" The FNP's best response would be: " That - soft spot is normal and actually allows for growth of the brain during the first year of your baby's life" 7. During percussion the FNP knows that a dull percussion note elicited over a lung lobe. This most likely results from: - Increased density of lung tissue 8. The patient is unable to differentiate between sharp and dull stimulation to both sides of her face. The FNP suspects Damage to: - The trigeminal nerve 9. When examining the face, the FNP is aware that the two pairs of salivary gland's that are accessible to examination are the _____ glands - Parotid and submandibular 10. A patient comes to the clinic complaining of neck and shoulder pain and is unable to turn her head. The FNP suspects damage to cranial nerve ____ and proceeds with the examination by____ - XI; - asking the patient you should have her shoulders against resistance 11. When examining a patient's cranial nerve function, the FNP remembers that the muscles in the neck that are innervated by CN XI are the: - Sternomastoid and trapezius 12. The patient's laboratory data reveal an elevated thyroxine level. The FNP would proceed with an examination of the _____ gland - Thyroid 13. A patient says that she has recently noticed a lump in the front of her neck below her "Adams apple" that seems to be getting bigger. During the assessment, the finding that [Show More]

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