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Anti-Cholinergic Drugs (Block Achytelcholine) Side Effects with Correct Answers Graded-A

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Side effects of anti-cholinergic drugs (block achytelcholine) Side effects of cholinergic drugs Side effects of benzodiazepines (for sleeping disorders) Nursing interventions for valproic acid toxi... city and therapeutic range (valproates is adjunctive therapy for seizures) Nursing education needed when switching anti-depressants Nursing implications for lithium's narrow therapeutic window Discharge teaching for clonazepam 7 rights of the client Side effects of buspirone (anti-anxiety) Nursing interventions for lithium side effects Side effects/adverse reactions include: bronchospasms, hearing loss, dizziness, confusion, GI distress, peptic ulcer, and hepatotoxicity Ibuprofen [Show More]

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