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NU 304 Pathophysiology - FINAL EXAM Study Guide - Fall 2019

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Nervous System (Chapters 36 & 37): ATI Medical/Surgical Chapters 6,7,8,10 Know terms to describe Motor Dysfunction -Paralysis: loss of movement -Paresis: weakness -Plegia: stroke or paralysis -Mo... no: one limb -Hemi: both limbs on one side -Di- or para-= both upper limbs or both lower limbs -Quadri- or tetra: all four limbs Understand back pain’s usual cause  Peripheral nerve injury at the spinal nerve roots  Often due to compression of nerve toot by vertebrae or the vertebral risk Parkinson’s Disease:  Progressively debilitating disease that grossly affects motor function.  Know four primary symptoms: o Tremors o Muscle Rigidity o Bradykinesia (slow movement) o Postural instability  Symptoms occur due to overstimulation of the basal ganglia by acetylcholine  -Risk factors o Onset of symptoms between the ages of 40 to 70 o More common in men o Genetic predisposition o Exposure to environmental toxins and chemical solvents o Chronic use of antipsychotic medications  -Expected findings o Report of fatigue o Report of decreased manual dexterity over time o Stooped posture o Slow, shuffling, and propulsive gait o Tremors/pill-rolling tremor of the fingers o Muscle rigidity (rhythmic interruption, mildly restrictive, or total resistance movement) o Bradykinesia/akinesia/Masklike expression 1 o Autonomic symptoms  Orthostatic hypotension  Flushing  Diaphoresis o Difficulty chewing and swallowing  Drooling  Dysarthria (slurred speech)  Progressive difficulty with ADLs  Mood swings  Cognitive impairment (dementia) [Show More]

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