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medical-surgical nursing-chapter 38 assessment of gastrointestinal system. Lewis 10th edition

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ATI medical-surgical nursing , Lewis 10th edition. Chapter 38 assessment of gastrointestinal system with correct question and answer. Some of the question in chapter 38 but not the least include: 1)... Which information about an 80-yr-old male patient at the senior center is of most concern to the nurse? a. Decreased appetite c. Difficulty chewing food b. Unintended weight loss d. Complaints of indigestion 2)An older patient reports chronic constipation. To promote bowel evacuation, the nurse will suggest that the patient attempt defecation. 3)When caring for a patient with a history of a total gastrectomy, the nurse will monitor for a. constipation. b. dehydration. c. elevated total serum cholesterol. d. cobalamin (vitamin B12) deficiency. 4)The nurse will plan to monitor a patient with an obstructed common bile duct for a. melena. b. steatorrhea. c. decreased serum cholesterol level. d. increased serum indirect bilirubin level. DOWNLOAD FOR THE BEST GRADE. [Show More]

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