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RN 126 preguntas- BoardVitals NCLEX Prep( with 100% elaborated answers)- latest update 2021-2022

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BoardVitals NCLEX Prep RN 126 preguntas 1. While administering medications to a group of clients on a medical-surgical unit, a client who is postoperative from an accidental above-the-knee amputatio... n indicates to the nurse that he is ready to talk about his feelings. The nurse keeps her promise and returns to talk with the client as soon as she finishes administering medications. Which of the following ethical principles is the nurse demonstrating? A. Veracity B. Justice C. Nonmalecence D. Fidelity 2. A nurse has assigned client care activities to an assistive personnel (AP). Which of the following statements by the AP indicates a need for assistance with time management? A. "I will start working with the client in room 1, then work my way to room 10." B. "I will give this client his meal tray first because he is going to physical therapy early." C. "After breakfast, I will pack the belongings of clients who will be discharged this morning." D. "I will start by providing partial baths before breakfast." 3. A nurse is updating the plan of care for a client who has a new diagnosis of hypertension and a prescription for atenolol. Which of the following referrals should the nurse request from the provider as the priority referral? A. Dietitian B. Physical therapist C. Pharmacist D. Social worker 4. A nurse on a pediatric unit is planning care for a group of clients. Which of the following clients should the nurse plan to assess first? A. A school-age child who has diabetes mellitus and requires blood glucose monitoring B. An infant who has pertussis and is receiving oxygen via nasal cannula C. An adolescent who is 1 day postoperative following an appendectomy D. A toddler who is scheduled for an upper gastrointestinal X-ray series 5. A nurse is caring for a client who has terminal lung cancer. The client's provider has recommended hospice services for the client. Which of the following statements by the client should indicate to the nurse that the client understands hospice care? [Show More]

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