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ati-medical-surgical-unit-1-foundations-for-adult-care-unit-2-neurosensory-disorder (LATEST UPDATES)

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ATI - Medical Surgical Unit 1 Foundations for Adult Care; Unit 2 Neurosensory Disorders Modifiable Variable One that can be changed Wellness The ability to adapt emotionally and physically to a c... hanging state of health and environment Aspects of health and wellness 1. Physical -activities of daily living 2. Emotional - adapt to stress; express and identify emotions 3. Social - interact successfully with others External environment Social and physical Variables A) modifiable - may be changed: weight, smoking b) nonmodifiable - cannot be changed such as gender, age, genetic traits Health and wellness continuum An assessment tool used to measure level of wellness Emergency nursing principles 1. Primary survey 2. Airway cervical spine, breathing, circulation, disability and exposure (ABCDE) 3. Triage guidelines 4. Basic first aid 5. Cardiac arrest and CPR ABCDE Principle A = airway/cervical spine B = breating C = circulation D = Disability E = Exposure Airway / cervical spine 1. Most important step in the primary survey 2. If clients are awake and responsive, airway is open 3. Head tilt chin lift maneuver is most effective technique; DO NOT perform if clients have a potential cervical spine injury Breathing If clients are not breathing or are breathing inadequately, manual ventilation should be performed by a bag-valve mask with supplemental oxygen or mouth to mask ventilation until a bag-valve mask can be obtained [Show More]

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