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Medical Surgical: Kidney Disease

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Individual Student Assignments INDIVIDUAL STUDENT ASSIGNMENT Complete Active Learning Templates:  Diagnostic Procedure: Renal biopsy, PT INR, PTT, Type and screen  Medication: Lisinopril, captop... ril, lorazepam  System Disorder: Renal Failure INDIVIDUAL STUDENT ASSIGNMENT  Prior to the clinical day, spend at least 60 minutes in the Real Life Scenario.  Complete the SBAR as the nurse receives report on Ms. Vale in the scenario. Patient Name: Patient Age: Height: Diagnosis: Allergies: Weight: Situation Briefly describe the current situation. Give a clear, succinct overview of pertinent issues. Describe the concern. Background Briefly describe the pertinent history. What has got us to this point? Can include medications, diagnostics, and treatment. Assessment Summarize the facts and give your best assessment. Can include vital signs. What is going on? Use your best judgment. Recommendation What actions are you asking for? What do you want to happen next? Student Name: INDIVIDUAL STUDENT ASSIGNMENT While completing the SBAR, identify three (3) top priorities and an action plan for these priorities (what can you do, as a nurse, to address these priorities). • Priorities:  Action Plan: INDIVIDUAL/POST CONFERENCE ASSIGNMENT After completing the Real Life Scenario, answer these discussion points. Be prepared to discuss in post-conference:  What were some of the challenging decisions you made as a nurse? Describe the rationale behind these decisions.  If you made a wrong decision during the scenario, what were you thinking that lead you down the incorrect p [Show More]

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