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BIOD 171 M6: Module 6 Exam- Requires Respondus LockDown Browser: Essential Microbiology with Lab- Straley | Portage Learning

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M6: Module 6 Exam- Requires Respondus LockDown Browser Due No due date Points 100 Ques!ons 30 Time Limit 60 Minutes Requires Respondus LockDown Browser This quiz is currently locked. A!empt Histor... y A"empt Time Score LATEST A!empt 1 60 minutes 97 out of 100 Score for this quiz: 97 out of 100 Submi!ed Jan 4 at 10:05pm This a!empt took 60 minutes. Ques!on 1 2 / 2 pts True or False. Because the genome is contained within an enclosed space (much like the nucleus of a cell), viruses are classified as eukaryo"c. True False Correct! False. Viruses are neither eukaryo"c nor prokaryo"c. Your Answer: Ques!on 2 5 / 5 pts Describe the two basic components of a virus. Two basic components of a virus are that they all have a membrane like structure for protec"on that holds gene"c material called a Capsid, and genomic material made up of either RNA or DNA. A virus has (1) genomic material comprised of either DNA or RNA and (2) a capsid, a membrane-like protec!ve structure that contains the gene!c material, similar to the nucleus of a eukaryo!c cell. Your Answer: Ques!on 3 3 / 3 pts The envelope surrounds the _________ of some viruses. The envelope surrounds the Capsid of some viruses. capsid Ques!on 4 2 / 2 pts True or False. You would expect to see a viral envelope on a virus infec"ng a bacterial cell. True False Correct! False. The overwhelming majority of animal viruses are enveloped whereas the majority of plant or bacteria-infec"ng viruses are not. Your Answer: Ques! 0 / 3 pts on 5 Unanswered Rank the following viruses based on their size from largest to smallest: Orthomyxovirus Poliovirus Variolavirus Variolavirus (~200nm) > Orthomyxovirus (100-150nm) > Poliovirus (~30nm) Ques!on 6 2 / 2 pts True or False: Viral replica"on occurs a#er it a!aches and enters the host cell. True Correct! True. The viral genome is never replicated before a!achment...........................continued [Show More]

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