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PSYCHOLOGY 101: LONG-ANSWER QUESTIONS: TEST 1 Instructions: Use your class notes and the textbook to answer the questions below. Your goal is to craft detailed, complete, coherent, disciplined answe... rs for each and to provide examples to illustrate your ideas whenever possible. Answers should be approximately three quarters of a page to a full page in length (handwritten). Trade and discuss your answers with classmates to evaluate the quality, accuracy, and completeness of your work. Two of these questions (or a shorter version of them) will appear on the midterm test as Long-answer questions. 1. Explain Baddeley’s model of Working Memory. How is this model different from the three-box model’s original conceptualization of short-term memory? Baddeley's model of Working Memory demonstrates the structure of short-term memory. It shows that working memory is a system with four parts (module) that all control information processing and are all independent. The system is called the slave system. The four modules include the central executive, phonological loop, visuospatial sketchpad, and the episodic buffer. The central executive determines information and switches between tasks. It shifts its attention from one module to the other depending on the activity. The phonological loop is a temporary storage system for auditory information. It stores this information for a few seconds or rehearses it in an articulatory loop which refreshes the information in order to keep it in your working memory. Next is the visuospatial sketchpad which is responsible for processing visual and spatial information. It holds and manipulates mental images such as information about objects and their location which is then transferred to the central executive. The final slave system is the episodic buffer which creates episodic experiences from visual, auditory, and verbal inf [Show More]

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