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3515 Midterm Review

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3515 – MIDTERM REVIEW WEEK 1 A. NATURE OF KNOWLEDGE 1 – Aesthetic (creativity, deeply understand human experience) 2 – Personal (first hand experience/ observation) 3 – Ethical/ Moral (wh... at is right and responsible, moral principles, codes) 4 – Empirical (based on research findings, scientific knowledge, qualitative + quantitative) 5 – Experiential (through experience, ex. internship) 6 – Sociopolitical (understand culture, society and politics, ex. marijuana legalization) B. RESEARCH PARADIGMS & PHILISOPHICAL POSITIONS - a paradigm: worldview -2 central paradigms: NATURALISTIC/ QUALITATIVE EMPIRICAL ANALYTIC/ QUANTITATIVE -words -constructivism -“perceived view” -explore personal meaning, context of experience/ culture/ human patterns -numbers -positivism -“received view” -explore research questions/ test hypothesis, explain cause and effect between variables Basic Beliefs of Research Paradigms QUALITATIVE QUANTITATIVE EPISTEMOLOGY “truth” individual/ culture – subjective objective ONTOLOGY “reality” multiple single CONTEXT “setting” emphasized minimized GOALS “purpose” description understanding transformation description explain predict/ control VALUES “meaning” included excluded RESEARCHER STANCE active participant neutral observer METHODOLOGY dialogic, transformative experiment, control C. WHAT IS NURSING RESEARCH - research: systematic/ logical/ empirical into phenomenon to produce verifiable knowledge -significance: Hinshaw (2000) – explosion of nursing knowledge D. ROLES OF NURSES IN RESEARCH 1. Consumer (uses research/ understands/ critiques accurately + applies research to practice) 2. Research team member (participate in some aspect, ex. collects data) 3. Primary investigator/ co-investigator (masters/ doctoral, initiate and conduct studies) HISTORY OF NURSING RESEARCH -19TH century: Florence Nightingale -20TH century: education-focused -1952: 1st nursing research journal -1964: 1st nursing research project (federal funding) WEEK 2 A. CRITICAL [Show More]

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