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Florida Atlantic University - PHY 2048LPHY 2048L Lab Report Sec 022; Buoyant Force Week 9. Questions and Answers.

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PHY 2048L Sec 022 Buoyant Force Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the density of an object using the Archimede’s principle. Theory: In experiment 9, we tested Archimede’... s principle, which states that the buoyant force Fb on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object, given by the equation Fb = fVg, where f is the density of the fluid, V is the volume that the object has submerged, and g is the acceleration due to gravity. The three objects measured were a brass cylinder with a slot, a chunk of metal with an irregular shape, and a plastic block. In the case where the density of the object is smaller than that of the fluid, the object will float, so it is necessary to add a sinker of sufficient weight and density to immerse the light object in Questions: 1 – What metal is object 2 made of? The measured density for object 2 was 7862 kg/m3, according to the Engineering Toolbox, that means the object is made of Bronze or Stainless Steel. 2 – A beauty crown is made of a pure precious metal. The crown has a weight of 1.029N in the air and 0.931N when it is submerged in water. What metal is the crown made of? 3 – The plastic block used in Measurement #3 is dropped into water in a beaker. According to Archimede’s principle, the plastic block experiences an upward buoyant force. If the beaker with water and the plastic block are weighted, would the measured total weight be less than the sum of the individual components? Explain. [Show More]

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