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NR 507 Week 6 Quiz - New Guide 2019/20 - Attempt Score 25 out of 25. 100%

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NR 507 Week 6 Quiz Chamberlain College of Nursing - NR 507 1. Question : A(n) _____ fracture is a fracture at a site of a preexisting bone abnormality, usually by a force that would not normally ... cause a fracture. idiopathic incomplete pathologic greenstick Question 2. Question : Which of the following attaches skeletal muscle to bone? Tendon Ligament Bursa Mesentery Question 3. Question : _____ is the temporary displacement of two bones in which the bone surfaces partially lose contact. Dislocation Subluxation Malunion Nonunion Question 4. Question : Which disorder is characterized by the formation of abnormal new bone at an accelerated rate beginning with excessive resorption of spongy bone? Osteomalacia Paget disease Osteoporosis Osteosarcoma Question 5. Question : What causes the crystallization within the synovial fluid of the joint affected by gouty arthritis? Reduced excretion of purines Overproduction of uric acid Increase in the glycosaminoglycan levels Overproduction of proteoglycans Question 6. Question : Rhabdomyolysis is characterized by paralysis of skeletal muscles resulting from impaired nerve supply. smooth muscle degeneration resulting from ischemia. lysis of skeletal muscle cells through the initiation of the complement cascade. release of myoglobin from damaged striated muscle cells. Muscle cell damage releases the myoglobin. Question 7. Question : Considering the pathophysiology of osteoporosis, what are the effects of extracellular signal regulated kinases (ERKs) and receptor activator of RANKL on osteoblasts and osteoclasts? ERKs increase the life span of osteoclasts and RANKL decreases the life span of osteoblasts. ERKs and RANKL increase the life span of osteoclasts and decrease the life span of osteoblasts. ERKs and RANKL increase the life span of osteoblasts and decrease the life span of osteoclasts. ERKs increase the life span of osteoblasts and RANKL decreases the life span of osteoclasts. Question 8. Question : Cerebral palsy is usually a result of brain ischemia during birth. prematurity. congenital defects. genetic defect. Cerebral palsy is a static disorder of muscle tone and balance caused by an ischemic insult to the brain, usually perinatally. Question 9. Question : An insufficient dietary intake of vitamin _____ can lead to rickets in children. C B12 B6 D Question 10. Question : Which protein, absent in muscle cells of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, mediates the anchoring of skeletal muscles fibers to the basement membrane? Syntrophin Laminin Dystrophin Troponin Question 11. Question : Molecular analysis has demonstrated that osteosarcoma is associated with TP53. src. myc. TSC2. Question 12. Question : Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy is likely inherited from one’s father. mother. affected parent. maternal lineage. Question 13. Question : The _____ is cartilage that retains the ability to form and calcify new cartilage and deposit bone until the skeleton matures. epiphyseal line physeal plate epiphyseal cartilage metaphyseal plate Question 14. Question : The total mass of muscle in the body can be estimated from which serum laboratory test value? Albumin Blood urea nitrogen Creatinine Creatine Question 15. Question : Which serum laboratory test is elevated in all forms of osteogenesis imperfecta? Phosphorus Calcium Alkaline phosphatase Total protein Serum alkaline phosphatase is elevated in all forms of the disease. Question 16. Question : Chickenpox may be followed years later by erysipelas. cytomegalovirus. warts (verrucae). herpes zoster. Question 17. Question : Scleroderma is more common in women and is associated with a(n) X-linked recessive gene. X-linked dominant gene. virus. autoantibodies. Question 18. Question : Which immunoglobulin is found in skin biopsy with immunofluorescent observation of people with discoid lupus erythematosus? Student Answer: IgA IgE IgG IgM Question 19. Question : Keloids are sharply elevated, irregularly shaped, progressively enlarging scars caused by excessive amounts of _____ in the corneum during connective tissue repair. elastin collagen stroma reticular fibers Question 20. Question : Which cells of the dermis secrete connective tissue matrix? Macrophages Mast cells Fibroblasts Histiocytes Question 21. Question : Which clinical manifestation is considered the hallmark of atopic dermatitis? Papular rash High fever Vesicles that burst and form crusts Itching Question 22. Question : Thrush is a superficial infection that commonly occurs in children and is caused by Staphylococcus. Streptococcus. herpesvirus. Candida albicans. Question 23. Question : What is the cause of chickenpox? Poxvirus Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) Adenovirus Human papillomavirus Question 24. Question : Which contagious disease creates a primary skin lesion that is a pinpointed macule, papule, or wheal with hemorrhagic puncture site? Pediculosis Tinea capitis Scabies Rubeola Question 25. Question : What is a common source of tinea corporis? Mites Kittens Fleas Ticks [Show More]

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