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NR 601 Midterm Exam Practice and Revision with questions and answers. Graded A+

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NR 601 Midterm Exam Practice and Revision with questions and answers. Graded A+ The percentage of the FVC expired in one second is - Ans-FEV1/FVC ratio The aging process causes what normal physiol... ogical changes in the heart - Ans-The heart valve thickens and becomes rigid, secondary to fibrosis and sclerosis A 55 yo Caucasian male follows up after referral to cardiologist. He thinks his med is causing a cough and sometimes he has difficulty breathing. Which med was most likely prescribed? - Ans-Lisinopril MJ presents with h/o structural damage with current s/s of HF. Treatment will be based on his stage of HF which is - Ans-Stage C 65 yo Caucasian presents with mitral valve stenosis, physical exam is unremarkable. you know her stage of HF is - Ans-Stage B The best way to diagnose structural heart disease/dysfunction noninvasively is - Ans-Echocardiogram Chronic pain can have major impact on patients ability to function and have profound impact on overall QOL. Ongoing pain may be linked to - Ans-Depression, sleep disturbance, decreased socialization The Beers criteria are appropriate for use in evaluating use of certain meds in patients - Ans->65 y/o All of the following statements are true about lab values in older adults except - Ans-Abnormal findings are often due to physiological agingAccording to the 2017 ACC HTN guidelines, the recommended BP goal for a 65y/o African American woman with a h/o HTN and DM and no h/o CKD is - Ans-<140/80 THe pathophysiology of HF is due to - Ans-Inadequate cardiac output to meet the metabolic and O2 demands of the body The volume of air a patient to exhale for total duration of the test during maximal effort is - Ans-FVC According it the 2017 ACC HTN guidelines, normal BP is - Ans-<120/80 Functional abilities are best assessed by - Ans-Observed assessment of function LB is a 77 yo with chronic poorly controlled HTN. You know that goals include prevention of target organ damage. During your eval you will assess for evidence of - Ans-Left ventricular hypertrophy [Show More]

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