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Red Cross Lifeguarding Practice Test questions and answers (latest)

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Stand or kneel behind the victim and give 5 back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts. If there is a risk of the AED pads touching each other on a small child or infant, you should... – Place one pad i... n the middle of the chest and the other on the back. Where should you place your hands when giving CPR to an infant? – One hand on the forehead and two or three fingers on the center of the chest. How deep should you compress the chest when giving CPR to an adult? – At least 2 inches. (2 inches or more) To ensure effective chest compressions during CPR, what should be noted? – The chest is able to fully recoil between compressions. If you have a victim that is an adult and is unconscious with a pulse but is not breathing, what rate should you perform rescue breathing at? – 1 ventilation every 5 seconds. You are giving ventilations through a resuscitation mask, and the victim vomits. What should you do? – Turn the victim as a unit onto his or her side (similar to HAINES recovery position). When applying the AED, you notice the victim has several body piercings on their chest. How should you place the pads accordingly? – Place the pads on their chest, being sure to avoid the jewelry. During a primary assessment, what should you check first (after ensuring the scene is safe)? – Check the victim for responsiveness. An infant is crying uncontrollably. You could safely assume that their airway is... – Open. When caring for musculoskeletal injuries, what does RICE stand for? – Rest, Immobilize, Cold, Elevate A victim is having a seizure in the water. What should you do? – Support the victim with his or her head above water until the seizure ends. How can you protect yourself from possible bloodborne pathogens when treating a victim? – Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as disposable gloves and a breathing barrier. Sudden illness can be identified by many things, including... – Loss of vision or blurred vision, changes in skin condition, or nausea/vomiting. What is the universal sign that a person is choking? – Clutching the throat. [Show More]

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