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Milady's Professional Barbering sample state board exam Questions and answers, Graded A+

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Milady's Professional Barbering sample state board exam Questions and answers, Graded A+ The word barber is derived from the Latin word Barba, meaning: - ✔✔Beard Barber-surgeons particip... ated in the practice of: - ✔✔Bloodletting, tooth pulling, and surgery In 1983, A.B. Moyer established Americas first barber: - ✔✔School State barber boards are primarily interested in maintaining high standards of: - ✔✔Competency One key function of state barber boards is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the: - ✔✔Public Personality, personal hygiene, and attitude are all aspects of an individual's: - ✔✔Professional Image Proper behavior and business dealings with employers, clients, and coworkers are called: - ✔✔Professional Ethics Pathogenic bacteria produces - ✔✔Disease Pus-forming organisms that grow in cluster and cause abscessed, pustules, pimples, and boils are: - ✔✔Staphylococci Bacteria Ringworm is caused by a/an: - ✔✔Plant parasite Pediculosis is caused by: - ✔✔the body or head louse The virus that causes AIDS is: - ✔✔HIV The most likely manner in which HIV may be transmitted in the barbershop is by: - ✔✔Blood to blood contact with an infected person The removal of pathogens from tools and surfaces is known as: - ✔✔Decontamination The process of thoroughly cleaning a tool to surface to its optimum level of decontamination in the barbershop is known as: - ✔✔Disinfection State barber boards and health departments require only: - ✔✔Disinfection and sanitation procedures a disinfectant that contains the properties of a bactericide, fungicide, pseudomonacide, virucide, and tuberculocide is considered to be a/an: - ✔✔Hospital-level disinfectant Antiseptics may be used on: - ✔✔The skin For effective sanitization, the minimum strength of a quotes solution used to sanitize implements is: - ✔✔1:1000 A wet sanitizer should contain: - ✔✔a disinfectant solution The occupational Safety and dHealth Administration (OSHA) regulates and enforces safety and health in the workplace by: - ✔✔setting safety standards Keep clean towels: - ✔✔in a clean, closed cabinet barbers should wash their hands: - ✔✔before and after serving each client implements must be cleaned prior to immersion in a disinfectant solution to: - ✔✔avoid solution contamination, comply with state board rules, comply with sanitation procedures when a blood spill occurs, employ: - ✔✔standard precautions cream should be removed from jars with: - ✔✔a clean spatula hair or other waste materials on the floor of a barbershop should be: - ✔✔placed in a closed container small nicks or cuts should be cleansed and treated with: - ✔✔styptic powder the most desirable type of hair comb is made of: - ✔✔hard rubber The french type of haircutting shears: - ✔✔has one finger brace when holding haircutting shears properly, the barber places the thumb in the thumb grip of the: - ✔✔moving blade electronic clippers are driven by a rotary motor, magnetic motor, or: - ✔✔pivot motor headrest covers must be changed: - ✔✔for each client the size clipper blade that produces the shortest cut is: - ✔✔size 0000 the first step in cleaning clippers and trimmers is to: - ✔✔brush off hair a straight razor is properly balanced when: - ✔✔the weight of the blade equals that of the handle the size of a razor is measured by the blade's: - ✔✔length and width honing and stropping are necessary for such implements as: - ✔✔conventional straight razors the purpose of a hone is to: - ✔✔grind the razors edge the purposed of a strop is to: - ✔✔smooth a razors edge the shell or Russian shell strop screamed from: - ✔✔the rump area of a horse the least acceptable method of removing loose hair after a haircut is the: - ✔✔unsanitized neck duster an implement used to press out blackheads is a/an: - ✔✔comedone extractor the basic unit of structure and function in all living things are: - ✔✔cells the skull consists of 8 cranial bones and: - ✔✔10 facial bones the occipital bone forms the back and base of the: - ✔✔cranium the more mixed attachments of a muscle to the bone is called the: - ✔✔orgin muscle tissue may be stimulated by massage, electric current, and: - ✔✔heat and light rays moist heat nerve impulsed and chemicals the largest and most complex nerve tissue(s) in the body is/are the: - ✔✔brain nerves may be stimulated by high frequency current, moist heat, and: - ✔✔chemicals massage light and heat rays the main source of blood to the head face and neck are supplied by the: - ✔✔common carotid arteries the skin and its appendages make up the: - ✔✔intergumentary system the three types of matter arte solids liquids and: - ✔✔gases the liquid that is considered to be a universal solvent is: - ✔✔water the best type of water to use in the barbershop is: - ✔✔soft water the pH of a solution measures its degree of: - ✔✔acidity or alkalinity [Show More]

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