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ALS/ACLS_Team Response Scenario - Javier Hernandez_COMPLETE SOLUTION. Graded A+.

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ALS/ACLS - Team Response Scenario - Javier Hernandez [2022] COMPLETE SOLUTION This is the rhythm that the telemetry technician observed on the cardiac monitor at the central telemetry station. Wha... t is your interpretation of the rhythm on the cardiac monitor? - ✔✔Sinus Bradycardia Based on the primary assessment findings, what additional actions should the team take? - ✔✔1. Ensure vascular access and administer atropine. 2. Administer supplemental oxygen. Three minutes after the initial dose of atropine is administered, Mr. Hernandez's heart rate has increased slightly to 34 bpm, but there is no change in his clinical condition. How should Dr. Hudson direct the team's next actions? - ✔✔1. "Valerie, please administer a second dose of atropine." 2. "Haley, please attach defibrillator/pacing pads." What has the rhythm changed to? - ✔✔Ventricular tachycardia What is the appropriate next action for the team to take at this time? - ✔✔Check for responsiveness, breathing and a pulse. Mr. Hernandez is found to be unresponsive, with no pulse and no breathing. What is the appropriate next intervention? - ✔✔Begin CPR and administer one shock. After one shock and 2 minutes of CPR, the rhythm check reveals no change in the rhythm. What is the appropriate next intervention? - ✔✔Resume CPR, administer one shock and administer epinephrine. As team leader, Dr. Hudson is responsible for monitoring CPR quality. Which of the following actions are necessary to ensure high-quality CPR? - ✔✔1. Minimizing interruptions to compressions.2. Providing compressions that are at least 2 inches (5 centimeters), but not more than 2.4 inches (6 centimeters), deep. 3. Providing compressions at a rate of 100 to 120 per minute. 4. Avoiding excessive ventilations. Mr. Hernandez remains in pulseless ventricular tachycardia. What is the appropriate next intervention? - ✔✔Resume CPR, administer one shock and administer amiodarone. The team resumes CPR, delivers a third shock and administers amiodarone, 300 mg IV push. At the next rhythm check, the monitor displays this rhythm. What action should the team take next? - ✔✔Check for a pulse [Show More]

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