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NR302 QUIZ 1-with verified answers-2022 Name Shaquanta Hadley 1. The Health Assessment includes all of the following except a. Interview b. Physical assessment c. Documentation d. feed... back 2. Objective Data can be observed or measured. a. True b. False 3. A client’s husband states “My wife was moaning in pain while sleeping last night”. This is an example of: a. Primary Source, subjective data b. Secondary Source, subjective data c. Primary Source, objective data d. Secondary Source, objective data 4. Documentation must be all of the following except a. Accurate b. Lengthy c. Appropriate d. Confidential 5. The part of the Nursing Process that requires collection, organization, and validation of subjective and objective data is a. Evaluation b. Implementation c. Planning d. Assessment CONTINUED..... [Show More]

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