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C857- Software Quality Assurance test 1-with verified answers-2022

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1. Which method should be used to ensure a single module of code meets quality standards a. Human b. Black box c. White box d. Unit test 2. Which informal method should be used to educate particip... ants on the code? a. Walkthrough b. Black box c. White box d. Peer review 3. A section of code requires that all combinations of inputs and all combinations of outputs are tested. Which type of coverage test should be used? a. Multiple-condition b. Logic c. Statement d. Decision 4. A module operates on sets of inputs that occur as natural ranges, and values withing ranges are all handles the same way. Which black box test should be used to optimize the work required to test all of the ranges? a. Equivalence portioning b. Invalid partition c. Multiple condition coverage d. Extreme conditions 5. Which activity promotes communication about the incidence, disposition and resolution of code defects? a. Error analysis b. Profiling c. Documentation d. Bug tracking 6. Which debugging method should be used when all other methods fail? a. Backtracking b. Induction c. Brute force d. Deduction 7. Which error locating principle of defect resolution relies on the subconscious mind? a. Using debugging tools only as a second resort b. Sleeping on the problem if an impasse is reached c. Describing the problem to someone else if an impasse is reached d. Thinking through the problem until it is resolved 8. A developer receives a QA report for a software project the developer supports. This report indicates there is a bug in the software but fails to provide the steps to reproduce the error. Which action should the developer take first? a. Ask QA for more information CONTINUED..... [Show More]

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