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WGU C182 Practice Tests Questions and Answers Latest Update, Scored A

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WGU C182 Practice Tests Questions and Answers Latest Update, Scored A __________ software works with hardware to provide a network service Correct AnswerWindows Server __________ uses the concept o... f reflection of light through a core made up of glass or plastic. Correct Answer- Optical Wire ___________ is ephemeral, meaning data stored is lost when the computer is powered off. Correct Answer- RAM ________________ is a general term that describes any attack that takes advantage of humans' trusting nature. Correct Answer- Social engineering A ____________ is also known as a datasheet Correct Answer- Database Table A company's ability to recover after a disaster is directly related to which of the following? Correct Answer- Business continuity plan A dept. manager is creating a budget estimate for the upcoming year. The manager would like to determine whether the data will be available when the decision for the next year have to be made. Which characteristic of valuable data is the manager considering? Correct AnswerTimely A local area network (LAN) Correct Answer- Allows hardware sharing within one office A program written in a high-level language must be converted into __________ code to be executed by the computer. Correct Answer- Machinea programming language that is a lengthy list of 1s and 0s. Correct Answer- machine language a requirment of all computers to communicate over the internet Correct Answer- transmission control protocol/ internet protocol or TCP/IP A scanner is a peripheral device for what system? Correct Answer- I&O A set of rules established to govern how people behave and interact with each other Correct Answer- a protocol A single chip process developed in 1974 by IBM Correct Answer- microprocessor A software emulator program that permits a computer user to use multiple computers and multiple platforms without the expense of purchasing multiple computers. Correct AnswerVirtual machines A website logs the timestamp, location, and browser of every visitor. It then aggregates this content into peak traffic times and days,minimum and maximum hits for each country and region, and popularity of certain browsers among visitors. What is the timestamp considered in this scenerio? Correct Answer- Data All of the following are compiled languages Correct Answer- BASIC Java C++ All of the following are parts of a URL Correct Answer- Protocol Host name TLDAllows the user to control the actions of the software, and through the software, to access hardware. Correct Answer- Operating System also referred to as "the chip" Correct Answer- CPU An early language translator that would translate an assembly program into machine language. Correct Answer- assemblers An employee needs to edit a contract and prepare a hard copy for the project team. Which two peripheral devices should be used? Correct Answer- Printer and Monitor an interface for the user that provides access to the kernel Correct Answer- the shell An operating system will write and change data to multiple hard drives at the same time so that if something happens to one hard drive, another hard drive is available to speed up data recovery. This statement best describes which of the following? Correct Answer- Data mirroring An undertaking with a start and end, specified goals, and tasks to reach those goals is the definition of the? Correct Answer- Project Armando is a freelance graphic designer. He has decided to create a database of the artwork he has done throughout the years. Each of his pieces of art is sorted using an assigned name and number. Which data type will be required in order to create his database? Correct AnswerCharacter string As a new sales manager, Sylvia is studying the historical and current sales report numbers to determine the top three salespersons of the year. At which stage of the DIKW hierarchy is Sylvia working? Correct Answer- Knowledge carries out the instructions of a computer program and is often referred to as the "chip"? Correct Answer- Central Processing Unit [Show More]

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