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WGU - C715 Organizational Behavior - MCQ 1, Top Exam Questions and answers, graded A+

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WGU - C715 Organizational Behavior - MCQ 1, Top Exam Questions and answers, graded A+ Esther Lugo has gone for an interview at an advertising firm in Manhattan and has been asked to complete a s... elf-report survey to help interviewers understand if she is the right candidate for the job. From the interview, they have found that she is extroverted, empathic, scrupulous, and cooperative in nature, which are key characteristics needed for the job. These characteristics about Lugo indicate her ________. A) talent B) skill C) knowledge D) genealogy E) personality - ✔✔-E Which of the following does the heredity approach state? A) An individual's personality is determined by the social background one is brought up in. B) An individual's personality is determined by molecular structure of the genes. C) An individual's personality is influenced by the economic settings he/she is surrounded by. D) A person's personality traits are created by the company he/she keeps i.e., his/her friends and family. E) A person's personality traits are largely influenced by global trends and characteristics. - ✔✔-B Elaine Chamberlain works as a research executive at an environmental organization. Though her colleagues are helpful and friendly, because of her shy nature, she often eats her lunch at her desk and has limited interactions with them. She is glad that her nature of work does not require her to interact with her co-workers to a high extent. Which of the following types is Chamberlain most likely to be characterized as according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) classification? A) social B) introverted C) exhibitionist D) gregarious E) extraverted - ✔✔-B Which dimension of the Big Five model is a measure of reliability? A) extraversion B) agreeableness C) conscientiousness D) openness to experience E) emotional stability - ✔✔-C Which of the following statements is true about people with positive core self-evaluations? A) They are committed to their goals and set ambitious goals. B) They view themselves as powerless over their environment. C) They tend to question their capabilities and capacities. D) They lack persistence to achieve goals. E) They tend to be disliked by superiors and co-workers. - ✔✔-A Individuals scoring ________ have a strong ability to adjust their behavior to external, situational factors and can behave differently in different situations. A) low on openness B) high on narcissism C) low on agreeableness D) high on self-monitoring E) low on conscientiousness - ✔✔-D Milton Rokeach created the Rokeach Value Survey (RVS), which consists of two sets of values, namely ________ values and ________ values. A) instrumental; terminal B) fluid; stable C) flexible; essential D) unique; general E) flexible; enduring - ✔✔-A Which of the following is an instrumental value according to the Rokeach Value Survey? A) economic success B) social recognition C) personal discipline D) happiness E) meaning in life - ✔✔-C ________ is the process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment. A) Sensation B) Impression C) Apprehension D) Attribution E) Perception - ✔✔-E Alicia Akers works as a marketing executive. She always talks in a high pitch and often draws a lot of attention wherever she is. Which of the following statements best explains the reason behind people noticing Akers? A) Perception of reality depends on the perceiver's past experiences. B) Perception of reality depends on the perceiver's personality. C) Characteristics of the target affect people's perception. D) The time at which we observe behavior affects perception. E) Motives and interests of the perceiver affects perception of behavior. - ✔✔-C A manager doing performance appraisals gives more weight to recent employ [Show More]

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WGU C715 Organizational Behavior - Chaptesr Motivational Behavior, Top Exam Questions and answers, graded A+

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