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FISDAP Operations EMT Questions and Answers Rated A

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What is your priority as the incident commander at a mass casualty incident? ✔✔Monitor incident organization. You are the first ambulance to arrive on the scene of a school bus rollove... r. The fire department has stabilized the bus. What should you do? ✔✔Have your partner begin triaging patients. A 43 year old male complains of a stiff neck, persistent cough, and fever for the past week. He states he has been in and out of homeless shelters for the past 5 months. What should you do? ✔✔Use gloves, gown, and HEPA mask. What is your major concern when performing a scene size up? ✔✔Safety of your crew. You are the first to arrive at a scene of an industrial complex. You witness people running out of one buildings with rags over their mouths. An older gentleman falls clutching his chest. What should you do? ✔✔Establish a safety zone and and evaluate what additional resources are needed. [Show More]

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