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petite mal seizures are also know as ✔✔absence seizures present with little or no movement What type of seizure pertains a limited portion of the brain? ✔✔partial seizure can be lo... calized to one side of the brain What are the management of a seizure? ✔✔If trauma is noted c-spine precaution Check blood sugar(treat it) Provide ventilatory assistance(apnea) Prepare to intubate, if difficult to bvm assistance Benzodiazepine versed (midazalom) A patient who is experiencing a seizure greater than 4-5 minutes or consecutive seizures without return to consciousness is experiencing what kind of seizure ? ✔✔Staus epilepticus prepare to give a benzodiazepines such as Midazolam, ask bystanders if patient had taken anti seizure meds. [Show More]

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