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Air Transportation Block 2 Forms Exam 30 Questions with Answers,100% CORRECT

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Air Transportation Block 2 Forms Exam 30 Questions with Answers DTR 4500.9-R - CORRECT ANSWER Defense Transportation Regulation -guidance on how consignors prepares cargo documentation for ship... ping within DTS -used when inspecting TCMD & MSL DD Form 1384 (TCMD) - CORRECT ANSWER Transportation Control and Movement Document -multipurpose/ source document -Controls movement of cargo while in the DTS. only need one MSL/DD Form 1387 - CORRECT ANSWER used to identify cargo entering the DTS; each piece of cargo has it - DDForm 1387 is hand written DD Form 1387 - CORRECT ANSWER used when no printing capability is available MIL-STD-129 - CORRECT ANSWER (Military marking for shipment and storage) Governs markings , which include stenciling, handling instructions, safety precautions etc.) AMC Form 33 - CORRECT ANSWER used to frustrate cargo. make 3 copies 3 copies of AMC Form 33 - CORRECT ANSWER 1. original: container 2. duplicate: local station file 3. ACA/CSB for corrective actions what is used to inspect and frustrate incorrectly packaged, prepared or documented HAZMAT materials - CORRECT ANSWER AMC IMT 1015, HAZMAT Inspection and Acceptance Checklist Green Sheet - CORRECT ANSWER moves ahead of all other cargo for the specific branch of service Purple Sheet - CORRECT ANSWER already in DTS; shipment moves ahead of all other cargo regardless of green sheet and branch of service Emergency Shipments - CORRECT ANSWER contain biologicals or other medical supplies of such urgency that human life is dependent upon immediate receipt. "LIFE OR DEATH URGENCY" DD Form 2064 - CORRECT ANSWER Certificate of death -afixxed by mortuary affairs CONUS IAW AFI-34-501 - CORRECT ANSWER Mortuary Affairs Program AFMAN 24-204 - CORRECT ANSWER provides guidance and procedures for preparing hazardous materials for shipment by military aircraft to ensure materials are packaged, marked, labeled and prepared properly for transportation AMC Form 1033 (SDDG) - CORRECT ANSWER inspected by (name, location and date) -received by -legally bonded by prepare's (certifier) signature AFMAN 91-201 - CORRECT ANSWER explosive safety standards that aerial porters adhere to IAW AFI 91-202 - CORRECT ANSWER US Airforce MISHAP Prevention program AMC Form 106 - CORRECT ANSWER Biologicals/Re-icing/refrigeration log DD Form 1502 - CORRECT ANSWER Frozen Medical Material Shipment All shipments that must be kept frozen have this attatched -not all is medical supplies DD Form 1502-1 - CORRECT ANSWER Chilled Medical Material Shipment attached to all shipments that must be kept chilled -eg whole blood DD Form 1502-2 - CORRECT ANSWER Limited Unrefrigerated Medical Material Shipment filled out for all shipments that can be kept unrefrigerated for a short period of time AMCI 24- 101v11 - CORRECT ANSWER cargo mail policy Inspecting special cargo requires - CORRECT ANSWER DoD 4500.9, AMCI 24- 101v11, AFMAN 24-204 AMC form 281 - CORRECT ANSWER AMC MICAP/VVIP Mission essential parts identifies AMC MICAP/VVIP shipment AMC Form 1033 - CORRECT ANSWER Shipper declaration for dangerous good - identifies all hazards associated with the shipment DD Form 1387-2 - CORRECT ANSWER Special handling verification any shipment requiring specific special handling DD Form 1577 - CORRECT ANSWER red, condemned tags DD Form 1577-2 - CORRECT ANSWER Green, repairable tags AMC Form 39 - CORRECT ANSWER non-automated stations to account for all shipments on a pallet, 2 copies DD Form 2775 - CORRECT ANSWER Pallet identification 2 forms. one on 108" and one on 88". in front of AMC Form 39. [Show More]

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