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A successful social media platform should operate at global and local levels simultaneously. Multiple social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, Line, Path and Pinterest have imp... lemented various strategies to target global and local audiences concurrently. The paper will discuss the significance of achieving this objective. Secondly, the relationship of global media with the concepts of globalization, cosmopolitanism, and the cultural schema theory will be assessed. Finally, the contexts of global and local social media trends will be discussed to create a better understanding of the subject, using examples of real-life occurrences in society. Global and Local Social Media Audiences Generally, social media was created with the main objective of ensuring a global interaction in an international forum (University of Calcutta & Global Communication Association 2010, p. 22). People are more attracted to sites which make it possible to interact with individuals from different countries. Consequently, the local networks have been greatly undermined, yet they pose various benefits to the stakeholders engaging in numerous activities. For example, an e-commerce business targeting the local population is greatly disadvantaged when advertising its commodities on a social media platform which is inclined on an international network (University of Calcutta & Global Communication Association 2010, p. 23). The advertisement goes to the wrong audience, yet there is a readily available local market. Therefore, these sites should differentiate between priorities of a local audience to those of an international audience. [Show More]

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