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Ethical dilemma

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Every day we are faced by dilemmas that need critical thinking and careful judgment. To make the correct decisions we have to weigh our options ethically to come up with the best idea. Ethics is a stu... dy that involves looking at the virtues and vices in human beings. In this essay, I will be discussing and evaluating the dilemma of Susan, a pregnant mother who is deliberating between aborting her baby who has been diagnosed with down syndrome, and keeping the baby since she is naturally uncomfortable with abortion. Ethical Dilemma Susan has successfully gotten pregnant after many years of trying. Unfortunately, prenatal blood tests that were recently conducted indicate that her baby will have down syndrome, a genetic disorder. Susan is stressed since she will not be able to balance her successful career with the child care nursing program (Dawkins 4). After consulting Professor Richard, a reputable biologist, he recommends her to abort the fetus as a way to prevent the long-run suffering of her child. However, Susan is uncomfortable with this move, since it is unethical according to her Christian and moral up bring. She stands at a tough dilemma about the most appropriate decision. To resolve the dilemma, she could do one of the following: (a) either sacrifice her successful career for a less demanding job to take care of her baby or (b) undergo abortion with psychological therapy from biologists who advocate for less human suffering, in order to increase her acceptance level. [Show More]

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