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PROJ 420 Week 3 Course Project Assignment: Project Risk Breakdown Structure

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Following the worksheet is an example of a completed assignment. It is an EXAMPLE, DO NOT COPY IT WORD FOR WORD. Take your project and adapt it to the example by following the worksheet. This is a cla... ss aid that should make your work easier. Refer to the book (?Chapter 5) for what would qualify for these risks you may have some totally different types of risks so please feel free to use them. (mid) The following is copied from the Course Project Tab Week 3: Project Risk Breakdown Structure For your third-course project milestone, develop a Risk Breakdown Structure. To do this, use the Week 3 Course Project Assignment Template (PROJ420_W3_AssignmentTemplate.docx) in Doc Sharing. In order to keep the RBS manageable, identify ten risks from your project to be included in your RBS. Risk Breakdown Structure RBS Level 0 RBS Level 1 RBS Level 2 Project Risk Technical Risk Management Risk Commercial Risk External Risk WEEK 3: Project Risk Breakdown Structure Risk Breakdown Structure of MY Project RBS Level 0 RBS Level 1 RBS Level 2 Example Risks 3. 3.1 A potential conflict of interest between Commercial Risk Suppliers & Vendor external supplier and sub-contractor company may have an impact on future supply. The supplier’s strategic direction may result in competing commercial interests. 0. Project Risk Scope change as supply chain into manufacturing is unknown. 3.2 Client may withdraw prior to trial Client/Customer completion due to product not meeting stability sales expectations Competition may undermine trials by providing a more attractive offer 4. 4.1 Regulatory Requirements targeting External Risk Regulatory installing telemetry device in the machine during manufacturing may impact launch schedule [Show More]

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