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SPCE 680 Quiz bank – chapter 1-12 complete solutions (all correct) Ball State University.

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SPCE 680 Quiz bank – chapter 1-12 Ch 1 • • Question 1 According to Hans Asperger, children with autistic psychopathy may present with __________________ . • • Question... 2 By the 1970's, which of the following theories about Autism Spectrum Disorder was disproved? • • Question 3 Creak's 'Nine Points' is a list of diagnostic criteria for what condition? • • Question 4 In the early years, what mental disorder was often diagnosed instead of autism? • • Question 5 Infantile autism (as it was called then) was formally recognized as a distinct condition in 1980 by which diagnostic nominclature? • • Question 6 Neurosis is _____________ . • • Question 7 Prior to recognizing ASD as distinct condition, children with ASD were most likely described as ______________ . • • Question 8 When did Han Asperger's work become well known in English speaking countries? • • Question 9 When was Autism Spectrum Disorder first recognized as a distinct condition? • • Question 10 Which of the following is in the Creak's Nine Points diagnostic list for schizophrenia? Ch 2 • • Question 1 Diagnostic criteria for ASD are now supplemented by _________________ . • • Question 2 If a person is part of the aloof group, which would be one of their behaviors? • • Question 3 Self-stimulatory and stereotypic movements include all the behaviors below except for ________________ . • • Question 4 Terms previously used when referencing autism include all but which of the following: • • Question 5 The term dissociable is used when referring to doing what with communication and language? • • Question 6 What was the major problem with the concept of subtypes? • • Question 7 When are communication disorders often noticed? • • Question 8 Which is not one of the Wing's four types of autism-related social behavior? • • Question 9 Which of the following is not a change from the DSM-IV to DSM-5 diagnostic criteria? • • Question 10 Which was not a main focus of Chapter 2? Ch 3 Question 1 1. Which of the following is not true about validity 2. Test authors have the responsibility to inform users about which of the following? 3. The autism diagnostic observer schedule has many similarities to the diagnostic criteria in the DSM 4. The validity of CARS ratings made by other professionals was examined. What was the result? 5. What form of evaluation is used in the autism rating scale? 6. Which assessment tool had a national standardization sample of children in the US and 7. Which ASD rating scale has the smallest comparison group? 8. Why do we describe a persons score as falling within a range of values? 9. The social responsiveness scale can help identify all the following except 10. According to bracken (1987) what is an acceptable level of test reliability ? Ch 4 1. Which of the following is not a pragmatic impairment? 2. The camberwell study showed children on the autistic scale had three impairments. Which 3. Self-injurious behaviors are important form of RSM. Which of the following is not one 4. What is one of the most reliable early indications that a toddler has autism? 5. According to miller, rote learning is characterized by 3 things. Which of the following is not 6. Which of the following would be a example of functional pretend play/pretence 7. Which of the following would not be considered a savant feat among individuals with ASD 8. Of the five senses, which of the following pairs of senses do individuals with ASD most often display 9. Which term refers to body movements? 10. Reduced muscle tone is often referred to as_______________ 1. A common stereotypic view of individuals with ASD is that they are ______________ 2. The term refers to the minimal meaningful components of language 3. Neologisms are ________________ words 4. The acoustic patterning of speech in terms of pitch, loudness, tempo and rhythm refers to which 5. Comorbid mental health problems (adhd, depression, anxiety, etc) are ______________amo 6. Research has shown that sleep disturbances is common among individuals with asd, except 7. Hofvander et al (2009) found that anxiety was co-morbid codition in approximately _______ 8. Which of the following is not a neural development condition that co-occurs with ASD 9. Many intelligence tests include a variety of constructs. Which construct of intelligence is based 10. Epilepsy occurs in approximately ______________ percent of individuals with asd • • Question 1 The phrase developmental trajectory refers to ways in which an individual develops and changes ____________ . • Question 2 What is the prognosis of 58% of individuals with ASD? • Question 3 At what age does autistic behaviors get detected the most? • Question 4 How many individuals that have ASD enter into life partnerships? • Question 5 What happens to the behavior of individuals that have had ASD for years? • Question 6 What is the male to female ratio of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder? • Question 7 What is the risk of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder committing crimes? • Question 8 Which answer refers to the total number of cases of a disease or a disorder in a specified population at a particular point in time? • Question 9 In a study of adults with nonverbal intelligence of 50 or above rated adult outcomes as 'Very Good' is only _____ percent of cases. • Question 10 When socio-emotional-communicative behaviors are absent or odd within the first 18 months of life it is referred to as _____________ . Chapter 6 • Question 1 Promixal data refers to the _________ data collected. • Question 2 It is important for behavior therapists, psychologists, and parents to maintain a critical attitude when considering the merits of emerging theories. • Question 3 Research has determined that autism is a simple condition that requires complex treatments. • Question 4 Most of the early theories exploring the causes of ASD have now been _______________ . • Question 5 Learning disabilities and language impairments are considered two of the most common and jointly debilitating specifiers. • Question 6 Which of the following are considered single common pathways based on the neuropsychological level? • Question 7 The causes of autism related behaviors are _______________ . • Question 8 The identification of etiological causes of autism is important in developing specific treatments and in developing prevention programs. • Question 9 Single factor theories of ASD are undermined by other emerging evidence. The emerging evidence is related to what is called ____________ . • Question 10 Well conducted, evidenced-based research is most likely to be found _____________ . 1. Research has shown that individuals with ASD are __________________ 2. Sporadic ASD can be explained in over 70% of individuals with ASD 3. Which of the following prenatal factors affecting fetal development via the mother are l 4. Which disorders below are considered single gene disorders 5. Many Risk factors have also been identified as risk factors other mental health conditions 6. Regression ASD is a type of onset where development is normal until the second half of th 7. A development syndrome of known genetic origin co-occurs with ASD approximately 10-15 8. The dramatic increase in the incidence of ASD over the last couple of decades could possibly 9. Research has shown that the possible risk factors for developing ASD fall into which of the following? 10. This method of research into the genetic bases of autism compares genetic samples from the • Question 1 Which of the following are research methods used when studying the brain structures in people with ASD? • Question 2 Which of the following methods have been used to assess the brain chemistry of individuals with ASD? • Question 3 To date, studies exploring cortisol levels among individuals with ASD ___________ . • Question 4 Neurological studies have found that grey matter in the cerebellums of individuals with ASD are ___________ relative to their neurotypical peers. • Question 5 Nerve fibres that carry information from one neuron to another. • Question 6 Due to small sample sizes used with most research focused on studying brain structures, it has been difficult to generalize results to the larger population of individuals with ASD. • Question 7 Research focused on studying the brain structures of individuals with ASD is beginning to make progress due to ______________ . • Question 8 There has been strong support for the 'extreme male brain' theory in recent years and more research is starting to be conducted. • Question 9 It is important to maintain the perspective that the brains of individuals with ASD are operating effectively, even if their brains may be structurally different. • Question 10 Due to extensive research there is a growing consensus on the contributions of neurochemical abnormalities in individuals with ASD. • Question 1 It has been hypothesized that impaired timing results in abnormalities in which of the following areas? • Question 2 Which has used as evidence for the weak central coherence theory? • Question 3 Repetitive behaviors have also been found to occur with other comorbid conditions but if the comorbid condition is also diagnosed along with ASD. • Question 4 Research has linked impaired pragmatics with impairments in __________________. • Question 5 The modularist and constructivist approaches are two approaches that are consistently used to explain the development of mindreading abilities in people. • Question 6 A child with ASD who is tickled by his mother and laughs but does not associate the pleasure of being tickled to his mother can be explained by which of the following theories? • Question 7 Restricted and repetitive behaviors (RRBs) are often similarly displayed among individuals with ASD, which is why the DSM-5 is able to include RRBs as part of the diagnostic criteria. • Question 8 This memory system stores factual information and word meanings. • Question 9 This central nervous system runs from the brain stem to the cerebral cortex and regulates arousal. • Question 10 Historically, restricted and repetitive behaviors were explained as stemming from _____________ . 1. A mother of a 3 year old with ASD notices persistent toe-walking, the toe walking could stem from which of the following 2. Difficulties with the neuropsychological systems of mentalising and episodic memory can result with in a 3. An individual with ASD who struggles with cleaning his room is likely to struggling with_____________ 4. Although an adolescent with ASD displays excellent rote memory, there could be an underlying______ 5. Socio-cultural deprivation is one of the four likely causes of learning disability in lower-functioning individuals 6. Research studying the semantic memory of low functioning individuals with ASD has found ________ 7. Within the text, SLI refers to _______________ 8. With the high functioning language-normal group, it is common to find good understanding of wor 9. Infants with incipient autism are just as likely to look at the mouth of someone as their typically developing 10. Research conduct by Schuh and Eigxti (2012) found the component of working memory known as …….. developing individuals Ch 12 • Question 1 Indicate which of the following treatments has proven effective by evidenced-based research. • Question 2 Experts generally agree that there is currently no 100 percent successful cure for autism. • Question 3 An 23 year-old female with diagnosis of Asperger's argues against the movement of prevention and finding a cure. What movement is she aligned with at this time? • Question 4 One argument against prevention and treatment is it might eliminate individuals with ASD who are making significant contributions to society. • Question 5 Which of the following treatments does not belong under evidenced-based non-physical treatments with high efficacy? • Question 6 Which of the following treatments does not belong under borderline evidenced-based non-physical treatments? • Question 7 What makes evidenced-based treatments standout compared to other less established treatments _________________ . • Question 8 Given medical advances, it is now possible to identify whether a fetus has the potential to later develop an ASD. • Question 9 Which of the following designs have been used to study the efficacy of treatments used with individuals with ASD? • Question 10 Melatonin has not been found to be effective in the treatment of sleep problems in children with ASD. • Question 1 In the United States a child’s first assessment for an ASD often takes place before when? • Question 2 During middle and high school what is not the primary question assessment is trying to answer? • Question 3 At what age is a diagnosis of ASD found to be very stable? • Question 4 Which of the following skills tend to not development to the same extent as IQ and language skills? • Question 5 Which of the following behaviors in infants is not strongly associated with a later diagnosis of ASD? • Question 6 Screening for ASD or other developmental concerns in groups of children for whom developmental concerns have already been raised is considered a _______________. • Question 7 Which of the following is the down side to using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule? • Question 8 Which of the following is considered the “gold standard” of parent report measures for diagnosis beginning at a developmental age of two? • Question 9 As part of the initial diagnostic assessment you should provide recommendations which include of the following except? • Question 10 Which of the following is false in relation to children with ASD after the age of two? • Question 1 Which of the following is a complication in assessment of comorbidities in ASD? • Question 2 Two large studies found that over what percent of individuals with ASD were above diagnostic threshold for another emotional or behavioral disorder? • Question 3 Which of the following assessments has a version specifically designed for use with children on the autism spectrum? • Question 4 Which assessment is considered the “gold standard” in evaluating psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescents? • Question 5 Which of the following is true in regards to anxiety in individuals with ASD? • Question 6 Which of the following is true in regards to the prevalence of depression? • Question 7 Which of the following is not a symptom of depression when comorbid with ASD? • Question 8 Which of the following is not identified as a problem in using self-report to identify comorbid disorders in children with ASD? • Question 9 Which of the following is not one of the symptoms used to differentiate tic disorder from ASD stereotypical behavior? • Question 10 Which of the following anxiety disorders is the most difficult to differentiate from ASD? Ch 12 • Question 1 In the study conducted to assess diagnostic assessment practices in schools, what was the most widely used developmental tool? • Question 2 In the study conducted to assess diagnostic assessment practices in schools the authors reported which was most utilized? • Question 3 The assessment of ASD in the schools requires school psychologists to do what? • Question 4 Which of the following is not a data collection tool used when conducting an analogue functional analysis? • Question 5 Schools are under a high degree of scrutiny because they are held accountable to all of the following except? • Question 6 Who is the gap between empirically based knowledge and broadly disseminated implementation costly to? • Question 7 What do studies stress the importance of capitalizing on in order to aid in the interpretation of functional analysis data? • Question 8 How does descriptive assessment assist in the process of functional analysis? • Question 9 In reflection on the school as a system, Ringeisen et al. adopted a three-level model of how schools operate. What are the three levels? • Question 10 Accomplishing the goal of introducing and successfully using new methods requires which of the following? [Show More]

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