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Relias RBT | Complete Questions & Answers (Solved) 100% Correct ( Updated 2024 )

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1. In ITT, the format is: Answer: Sd/Instruction-->Response. 2. Crisis plans should have interventions based on which of the following? Answer: -Function of the behavior 3. Which of the following ... statements is true about reinforcement? Answer: It increasesa behavior. 4. Using transfertrials will help eliminate Answer: prompt dependency. 5. Which of the following is the best behavioral definition? Answer: Bites self 6. Which of the following dimensions of ABA refers to the social importanceof problems? Answer: Applied 7. During error correction, after you represent the SD with a prompt, you should... Answer: represent the same instruction (SD) to test if the prompt was effectiveenough to teach them to get it right on their own. 8. How doesfunctional communication training (FCT) address problem behavior? Answer: By addressing communication skills needed to replace the problem behavior 9. When preparing for a naturalistic teaching session involving requesting items, which of the following is important to obtain ahead of time? Answer: The itemsto be requested 10. Which core domain are you exploring when you ask the question:Doesthisperson have opportunities to get to know the people in their neighborhood and be member of local organizations? Answer: Social inclusion 11. Forward chaining involves: Answer: Teaching the beginning steps and reinforcingeach subsequent step 12. Replacement behaviors are: Answer: Acceptable behaviors to teach in place of undesirable behaviors [Show More]

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