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2024 ATLS Module 6 - Head Trauma Latest Questions With Complete Grade A Answers

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1. Distribution of brain injuries in the ED Answer: 75% mild 15 moderate 10% severe 2. Primary goal oftreatment is what Answer: To preventsecondary brain injury (ABCDEs) 3. Neurosurgical consol... ation table for patients withTBI Answer: Box 6-1 4. Monroe-Kellie Doctrine Answer: when one content in the skull increases, another mustdecrease to compensate and maintain normal ICP 5. Dura mater Answer: thick, outermost layer of the meninges surrounding and protectingthe brain and spinal cord -Skull fractureslacerate the meningeal arteries, causing hemorrhage in the epidural space. MC= middle meningeal artery. 6. arachnoid mater Answer: middle layer of the meninges named for the spider-web-liketrabeculae that extend between it and the pia mater Subdural hematoma: veins beneath the surface of brain and venous sinus withindura tear, causing hemorrhage in subdural space. 7. Pia Mater Answer: Attached to surface of brain Subarachnoid space:Between arachnoid and pia layers, filled with cerebrospinalfluid [Show More]

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