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PSYC 300 Week 5 Quiz Answers>American Public University> All the Ans Correct.

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1. Scientists distinguish between , which are their systematic observations, and theories, which 3.0/ 3.0 Points are their explanations or interpretations of phenomena. 2. Researchers generally consi... der multiple for any set of phenomena. 3. Which specify a series of stages that people pass through as they develop or adapt to their environment. 4. Psychologists use the method. 5. There are distinct criteria by which researchers evaluate their measures. 6. Among survey methods, generally generate the highest response rate. 7. Survey research usually involves sampling, in which each member of the population has a known probability of being selected for the sample. 8. occurs when a sample is selected in such a way that it is not representative of the population 3.0/ 3.0 Points and therefore produces inaccurate results. 9. items are either open-ended or closed-ended. 10. research is a quantitative approach that features the use of self-report measures on carefully selected samples. [Show More]

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